The World Tarot Card Meanings

the world tarot card


The World is the 21st Major Arcana cards among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a naked woman is dancing inside a green wreath which represents growth and development. Two red-coloured ribbons are wrapped on the two sides of the wreath which represents infinite success. The woman is wrapped in a purple cloth which represents creativity, wisdom, independence, and magic. She seems to be dancing inside the large wreath with two wands in her hands. She looks to the past while her body moves towards the future. This symbolizes that after the successful completion of one phase of her life, she is stepping into another phase. There are four-figures; bull, lion, eagle, and angel on each corner of the card. Each represents the four Zodiac signs, namely, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. All these are the four elements of the universe; earth, fire, water, and air respectively. The pictures of these figures are present to provide positivity, balance, and harmony to your journey.


  • Achievements and Success
  • Completion
  • Harmony
  • Travel
  • Wholeness
  • New Beginnings
  • Satisfaction

General Meaning

‘The World’ is a very positive card which signifies the achievements and success. You might be feeling very happy because of the successful completion of one phase of your life. With all the hardships of life, you have learned many things which will help you to prosper well soon. It also denotes that your certain goals of life are already achieved. If not, then the appearance of this card denotes that soon all your dreams will come to reality because of your focus and dedication.

Upright Position

the world-upright position

If this card appears in the upright position in your spread, it denotes the happy period of your life. You have completed a particular phase of your life and you are ready to see the upcoming new beginnings. With your hard work and dedication, you have achieved the goals of your life. The universe is going to show the blessings upon you in the form of rewards of your hard work. Everything is happening at the right place and at the right time. The hardships of life have made you a strong individual. You are happy and enjoying the current phase of your life.

This card also indicates an upcoming marriage or any other family function. This can also be related to the birth of a child. Sometimes, the appearance of this card denotes travelling on a large scale which might prove to be very fruitful. This will be going to open the doors for many new opportunities.

If you have still not achieved your targets, the appearance of this card denotes that soon you will be going to achieve everything. Keep yourself focused and dedicated as this card assures achievements.

Reversed Position

the world-reversed position

If this card appears in the reversed position, it denotes that you have the abilities and potentials to achieve the various targets of your life but due to lack of concentration, you are not putting your maximum efforts. You might be thinking of taking shortcuts to achieve your goals. But you need to understand that hard work is the only key to success. If you are not working hard towards your goals, you will never be able to achieve them.

This card also denotes that whenever you are about to achieve your goals, you lose focus in the end. It may be because of you either get distracted or get bored. You have to understand that success can only be achieved if you stay dedicated. If you keep on distracting then you will never be able to achieve your targets.

This card also denotes that you are stuck in memories. You are not able to move on from the old facts. Keeping the memories in your mind will only be going to a