The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

the sun tarot card


The Sun is the 19th Major Arcana card among all the 22 Major Arcana Cards. On this card, a young naked child is seen sitting on a white horse (symbol of purity, strength, calmness, and fertility). The nakedness represents that the child is innocent and has nothing to hide from the world. The child is in a happy and playful mood, representing the positive vibes all around. In the background, the sun is shining brightly, symbolizing positive energies, good times, self-confidence, strength, courage, and blessings. Just below the sun, the four sunflowers are fully grown, representing the four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles) of the Minor Arcana cards. Overall, the picture on the card is very positive and may specify the new beginnings.


  • Positivity
  • Innocence
  • Success
  • New-beginnings
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Happiness
  • Pregnancy
  • Growth

General Meaning

The Sun card is a very positive card which denotes that whatever the decision you will take in your life, will turn in your favor. You are full of energy and self-confidence to follow your dreams. People will appreciate your playful nature and will love to be around you. It also signifies some new beginnings in your life which will bring the maximum growth to you. The four sunflowers on the cards signify the four suits, Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles, which means that you will be satisfied with your life, especially in terms of the emotional balance, your love life, your business or job, and your financial growth.

Upright Position

the sun-upright position

The Sun is a very energetic card which signifies the positive energies and optimism. This card has several meanings, depending upon the nature of your spread and its position with the other cards. Generally, it says that the person will have a blissful, happy, and joyful life ahead. Sometimes, it also denotes a person, who is a bit immature and loves to travel. This card marks the beginning of the new romance, new opportunities, and even the birth of a child, especially a boy. Overall, it’s a very positive card that ensures your growth in life.

Reversed Position

the sun-reversed position

The Sun card in the reversed position can be explained in two ways, depending upon its positions and the placement of the other cards in your spread.

It denotes that you are so lost in your busy life, that you have ignored your personal needs. You have forgotten the real meaning of happiness, enjoyment, and fun. You are so occupied with the materialistic things that you have not paid any attention to your real happiness. Due to lack of enthusiasm, you ain’t able to see the directions of your life. You are letting the negatives vibes to stop your spiritual growth and have become negative with every aspect of life. This card suggests you cut from your monotonous life for some time, and find ways to achieve real happiness. It also suggests going for a short trip for recreational purposes.

Alternatively, it represents that you have taken a long break from your daily routine and now its the high time to get back to the work. A short break for the recreational purpose is fine, but that doesn’t mean that you get completely distracted from your goals.

It also shows some complications in the pregnancy or some of your new projects have been delayed.

The Sun in Past Spread

It denotes that you have successfully established the new directions in your life in the past and now it’s the high time to work on the chosen path. Whatever the decisions you have taken in your past, they will turn to fruitful in the coming days. It also denotes that you have gone for a short trip.

The Sun in Present Spread

You are full of positive energies and are ready to take the major decisions regarding your life which will prove to be fruitful for you. It also shows the new beginnings of any business venture, relationship, job, or any other project.

The Sun in Future Spread

Soon you are going to enter the new phase of your life where with the help of your capabilities, you will be able to achieve the various goals of your life. It also denotes a trip shortly.

The Sun in Love Spread

If you are single, it denotes that you are enjoying your bachelorhood and don’t want to commit to anyone currently. You have a very casual approach towards the relationships and love to flirt around. If you are looking for a partner, it denotes that a blissful healthy relationship is on your way.

If you are committed, it denotes that currently, the couple is going through a blissful relationship. It signifies great joy, happiness, enjoyment, and fun. It may also show that the couple is thinking of taking their relationship to the next level by either getting engaged or married. If you are going through the rough patch of your relationship, the appearance of this card in your relationship spread denotes that your issues will be highlighted and the couple will soon be able to successfully resolve the issues. This card is a strong indication of the pregnancy, so it even warns you to take timely precautions to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

The Sun in Career Spread

New opportunities for growth are on the way. Whatever the decisions you will take, will turn in your favor. It denotes a successful setup regarding a new business venture or a job promotion. If you are planning to go abroad for further studies or to expand your business, this card gives you the surety of success. You will be able to overcome the various hurdles in your career very easily.

The Sun in Finance Spread

In the finance spread, The Sun card shows that whatever the financial decisions you have taken regarding your work, will turn to be successful. Your old debts will be recovered very soon. It also denotes the financial gain from the sale of any property or investment.

The Sun in Health Spread

It shows that you are full of positive energies and are ready to enter the blissful time of your life. You are active, healthy, and strong. If you have recently fallen ill, this card assures the complete recovery. If are planning for a baby, this card is a great sign which signifies that soon you will be blessed with the child. It also suggests to keep a healthy routine and follow a healthy diet to keep yourself fit.

The Sun in Family Spread

It suggests keeping a strong bond with each member of your family. Some new beginnings, engagement, marriage, childbirth, or any celebrations in on the way. It’s high time to enjoy family life.

The Sun in Yes or No Spread

The Sun is a very positive card that ensures success and good fortune, so the answer to your question will be ‘Yes’.

Other Facts

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Sun

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