The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

Generally, the devil is called by the name ‘Satan’, the supreme spirit of the evil.

the devil tarot card


The Devil is the 15th Major Arcana card among the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, there is a picture of Baphomet, which is the symbolization of the equilibrium of the opposites (half-human and half-animal, male and female, good and evil, etc.). However, this image of the Baphomet is associated with the occult practices which are often considered as ‘evil’. On his head, there is an inverted 5 pointed star, which is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces. He raises his right hand in the Vulcan Salute, and in his left hand, he holds a lit torch. The Devil has the wings of a vampire bat, a creature that preys upon humans by consuming their blood. It represents increasing raw desires. Near the foot of the devil, stands a naked couple, who are chained to the podium upon which the devil sits. It appears that the couple is being hypnotized by the powers of the devil and are standing there against their will, but if we notice, the chains around their necks are loose and can easily be opened. Both of them have red-coloured hair, which symbolizes that they have a great passion for sexual desires in their minds. They have tiny horns and tails which represents that slowly they are turning themselves into the devil, the longer they are standing there with the devil. The fire and grapes on their respective tails represent pleasure, lust, and extreme raw desires. The background colour of this card is completely black, which is a symbol of powers, secrets, mysteries, and hidden desires.


  • Sexuality
  • Addiction
  • Attachment
  • Raw Desires
  • Depression
  • Obsession
  • Bondage
  • Materialism
  • Abuse and Violence
  • Black Magic

General Meaning

‘The Devil’ card symbolizes that even though the outside forces are trying to control you, still you can overcome all the negative vibes with your continuous efforts, but you are making yourself the victim of the situation. You are allowing your negative thoughts, addictions, depression, and stress to restrict you from the best version of yours. There is always hope for better things, but all this is in your hands, only you have the power to change your current situation. This card also symbolizes the wrong addictions which a person has, which may provide temporary pleasures, but a great amount of pain in the future. It also shows that currently, you are under the influence of the wrongdoings and the appearance of this card means a lot of inner-strength and willpower is required to gain the senses about what is good and what is bad.

Upright Position

the devil-upright position

If ‘The Devil’ card appears in the upright position in your spread, it denotes that you are going through the phase of depression, stress, and wrongdoings. Even though the situations in your life are outside your control, still you must look for better things. This phase is temporary and shall pass soon, but it requires your inner-strength and willpower to overcome all the negative vibes around you. Instead of victimizing yourself of every situation, it’s better to work on yourself. This card also specifies that you are under the control of your wrong desires and addictions, and your good sense of thinking is being destroyed. You are getting addicted to the things which may provide you with temporary pleasures but will result in disaster soon. You are under the control of raw desires and lust which is allowing you to make sins in this world. It also signifies addiction towards alcoholism and drugs.

This card also denotes that you are going through a toxic relationship which is increasing your stress day by day. No doubt you love your partner, but you feel like not to continue this toxic relationship as you are being trapped. You want to move on but not able to do it. This card suggests that if such a relationship is no longer serving you good, It’s better to break up. The only thing you required for this is your inner-strength and willpower.

Alternatively, on the positive side, this card also suggests that your strongest bond with your partner can be turned into an unhealthy relationship if you failed to consider your personal space and start ignoring to make decisions with your good sense.

This card also suggests that to fulfil your extreme sexual desires and fantasies, you are going beyond your limits. The pleasures of today will prove to be destructive in the future. So, it’s better to keep control of your raw desires and have safe intercourse.

Reversed Position

the devil-reversed position

The appearance of ‘The Devil’ in the reversed position symbolizes that the right time has come to overcome your fears and anxieties. With your continuous efforts, you can easily come out of your unhealthy attachments. The only thing you required is your willpower, confidence, and inner-strength. Eliminate the toxic people in your life, whose sole motive is to degrade you. It also advises following a healthy lifestyle. Getting regular medical checkups, having a healthy diet, regular workout schedule, and following the spiritual path will help you to achieve the ultimate goal of your life.

It also denotes that soon your healthy relationship will turn into a toxic one because of the over-controlling nature of yours or your partner.

Alternatively, this card in the reversed position also signifies that you have some deepest and darkest secrets that you are hiding from this world. You have some non-ethical habits and addictions which you are afraid to tell anyone openly. This feeling of embarrassment has resulted in the development of guilt in you. Due to this sense of guilt, you are not able to face anyone and have developed the fears, anxieties, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Rather than taking any major step to harm yourself, you should seek some professional guidance or help.

The Devil in Past Spread

The appearance of ‘The Devil’ card in your past spread suggests that you had made some wrong decisions and choices in your past which you slow down your growth and progress in your life. These wrong decisions have made you conduct sinful things in this world. Soon you will be going to face the Karmas of your wrongdoings. It also suggests a toxic relationship or the depressing phase of your relationship in the past.

The Devil in Present Spread

‘The Devil’ is the present sentence states that you are struggling with your stress and depression. You are not able to see what is good and bad for you. Your logical thinking has been destroyed. You are under the control of your fears and anxieties. The suicidal thoughts are running in your mind. It also denotes a toxic relationship or any bad habit you are going through. It also represents your current decision which you have made in your life and the outcome of such a decision is still unknown.

The Devil in Future Spread

In the future spread, this card suggests that soon you will be going to face some bad situations in your life, but you can avoid it by acting right at the right time. This is a form of warning card if it appears in your future spread. It also denotes that if currently, you are going through a blissful relationship, it may turn into an unhealthy one if you continue to ignore the negative traits of yours or your partner.

The Devil in Love Spread

If you are single, the appearance of this card denotes that due to your increased raw desires, you are following an unethical path in your life. You are having several sexual connections with the different partners, which may fulfil your present desires, but will prove to be disastrous soon. This card advises you to avoid having unprotected intercourse else you will going to face it’s bad results soon.

If you are committed, the appearance of this card denotes that you are going through the negative phase of your relationship. There is a lack of mutual understanding, respect, love, care, and concern. There is a sign of abuse, cheating, over-dominance, control, jealousy, and envy. You have lost all the respect and concern for each other. This card advises you to take some professional help to avoid this toxic phase of your relationship.

The Devil in Career Spread

The appearance of this card in your career spread indicates that you are not able to see the correct directions. You have several career options, but you are not able to choose the right one for you. This also indicates that you have chosen a career due to the pressure, but you ain’t happy with it. It also denotes that you feel trapped in your current job. You are not happy with the work environment and the people around you. Remember, it’s your choice whether to continue this job or not as no one is pressuring this job on you.

The Devil in Finance Spread

This card suggests that you are spending your money on unnecessary things. Try to stop it to avoid any problem in the future. This also suggests that you are not considering every fact about the investment proposal. This casual behaviour towards any investment will result in the loss in the future.

The Devil in Health Spread

‘The Devil’ card in the health spread suggests that are following some unhealthy practices in your life. You might be under the influence of drug abuse, alcoholism, and sexual intercourse with different partners. Your mental health is degrading day by day. You might be suffering from anxieties, fears, mental illness, panic attacks, and the problems related to blood pressure. This card suggests following a healthy lifestyle and consults a psychiatrist or psychologist to find the solutions for your mental health issues.

The Devil in Family Spread

This card in a family spread suggests that there is a lack of mutual love, respect, harmony, and concern between the members of the family. Instead of thinking about the well-being of each other, there exists envy, jealousy, abuse, cheating, and disrespect.

The Devil in Yes or No Spread

Since this card is negative, mainly associated with mental illness, depression, stress, suicidal thoughts, so the answer to your question is ‘No’.

Other Facts

  • Elements: Earth
  • Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Period: December 22 to January 20

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