The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

Generally, an empress is a woman who is the supreme ruler of great power and rank.

the empress tarot card


The Empress is the 3rd Major Arcana card among all the 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a mature woman is seen sitting on a luxuriously cushioned throne of red and orange colour, meaning love, desires, passion, happiness, and creativity. The woman has blonde hair with an aura of positivity on her face. On her head, she wears a crown with twelve stars, specifying her divine connection with the mystical powers. She wears a velvet pomegranate printed robe which symbolizes fertility, happiness, growth, and luxurious. There is a cushion below her throne in the form of a heart that has the symbol of Venus (planet of love), specifying fertility, family, beauty, love, and happiness. In the background, the green-coloured trees are fully grown under the bright sun, the river is flowing on the right side, and the wheat springs from the soil specifies the connection of the Empress with Mother Earth.


  • Fertility
  • Abundance
  • Growth
  • Luxurious
  • Mystical powers
  • Spirituality
  • Nature
  • Beauty

General Meaning

The Empress card signifies the real abundance. You are enjoying the growth and luxurious of your life. With the blessings of the divine powers of God, you have successfully achieved everything in your life for whatever you have dreamed of. It also specifies a strong connection with the feminine powers. With your calmness, emotions, positive outlook, and good deeds, you will achieve everything in your life. You have entered the period of your spiritual growth. This card also signifies the strong chances of the pregnancy.

Upright Position

the empress-upright position

If The Empress card appears in the upright position in your spread, it signifies abundance and blessings. This card suggests to have a look for the various opportunities in your life, connect with your inner-self, and focus on your spiritual growth. It also signifies the birth of ideas regarding the various business ventures, family planning, further studies, or expanding your family business. This is a very positive card, which asks you to implements your plans in reality. This is one of the strongest cards among all the other Major Arcana cards that signify the birth of the child in the family.

Reversed Position

the empress-reversed position

The Empress in the reversed position in your spread signifies that to fulfil the needs of others, you have completely ignored your happiness. You have indulged yourself in the happiness of others and not paying any attention to your growth, happiness, health, and career. The reversed card suggests that it’s the high time that you start focusing on your things, rather than thinking about others. It also suggests that you are becoming an over-protective, dominating, and controlling mother. You need to understand the concept of personal space to have a blissful family life.

This card also advises you to take proper care of your health. Follow a healthy lifestyle and go for regular medical checkups. If you are planning to get pregnant, this card may signify the various complications during childbirth.

The Empress in Past Spread

You have all the capabilities to be successful in your life. Whatever the past decisions you have taken, will bring the positivity in the present and future. The only thing which is required is your continuous efforts and determination. It also signifies the birth of a child in the past.

The Empress in Present Spread

You are getting several opportunities in your life. Start focusing on your strengths and weakness to take advantage of the various proposals of life. Spend quality time with yourself