The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

the moon tarot card


‘The Moon’ is the 18th Major Arcana cards among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, there is a full moon in the night’s sky, which is a symbol of mystery, illusions, intuition, and dreams. The mood stands in between the two tall towers. In comparison to the sun, the light of the moon is dim, which slightly lights up the path between the towers. Beyond the towers, the path looks scary and may lead to some undiscovered place. This denotes that there are many things which are hidden in your life and you have to work on your intuition powers to know them. In the foreground, there appears a crayfish, which slowly crawls out from the lake (a commonplace where crayfishes live). The emerging of the crayfish from the water (symbol of subconscious mind) denotes that you have to come out of your safe zone to unfold the mysterious. The path looks scary with a dog and wolf standing on the grassy field. Both of them are howling at the moon, which represents the tamed and wild aspects of the psychic mind. The two towers are related to boundaries of the thought process of the human mind. In the background, the path continues through the mountains (symbol of spiritual awareness) where the number of obstacles like a dog, wolf, darkness, and the scary environment is there to divert you from your path.


  • Mystery
  • Illusions
  • Intuition
  • Subconscious
  • Monthly Cycles
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Anxieties and Fear
  • Insecurities
  • Misconception
  • Risks

General Meaning

‘The Moon’ card is a symbol of the period of uncertainty, illusions, and hidden realities. You need to unfold the various aspects before taking any decision. Work on your intuition powers and concentrate on what your subconscious mind says. This is not the right time to trust anyone blindly. This card advises not to take any final decision as only half of the information is available to you. You inner-strength, inner-guidance and psychic powers will help you to reach the path of higher levels of understanding.

Upright Position

the moon-upright position

If ‘The Moon’ appears in the upright position your spread than it symbolizes the period of uncertainty. It suggests that things, in reality, are not exactly what it appears to be. You may be knowing only the half-truth. This card advises you to focus on your inner-beliefs and intuitions to know the hidden realities. Focus on what your intuitive powers say before making the decision. This card also specifies the depressed period of your life. You are allowing your fears and anxieties to overpower you. It can also denote a past bad memory, which you still not able to forget and is making you emotionally distressed. It also symbolizes the mensurational cycles of a woman. This card also shows some unknown facts about the person, which will only be revealed at the right time.

Reversed Position

the moon-reversed position

If ‘The Moon’ appears in the reversed position in your spread, it signifies that slowly your fears and anxieties subsiding. It also denotes the revelation of the secrets which are helping you to see the directions. Hidden lies, deception, and secrets are all exposed. Your mental illness, depressions, and stress will all fade away and soon you will be going to gain the new confidence and strength in you. You will successfully be able to overcome the stressful phase of your life. Alternatively, this card in the reversed position also shows that you are ignoring the signs of the intuitive messages which God is giving you time and again. Listen to your inner voice, intuitive powers,