Strength Tarot Card Meanings

The word strength means the capacity of a person or an object to withstand the great forces and pressure.

strength tarot card


Strength is the 8th Major Arcana Card among all the 22 Major Arcana Cards. On this card, a woman is seen caressing a fully grown lion, with her left hand on his head and right hand holding his jaw, she has full control over a very strong and powerful lion. With dominance, love, passion, and calm nature, the woman is fully controlling the lion. Here, the lion is the symbol of raw passions and desires and the woman is shown as the symbol of calmness, discipline, and patience. It represents the use of inner strength, calmness, intellectual powers, and logical thinking during the time of bad situations. The woman is wearing a white-coloured robe, which symbolizes purity and calmness. On her head, there is a symbol of infinity, showing her infinite knowledge, potential, and wisdom. In the background, it appears to be a bright sunny day, which symbolizes hope, optimism, good times, creativity, cheerfulness, and high energies. The mountains are blue and the grass is green which symbolizes stability.


  • Inner-strength
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Control
  • Dominance
  • Confidence
  • Influence
  • Persuasion

General Meaning

This card suggests that instead of using physical strength, the person should use his inner strength to overcome the obstacles of life. There is no need for worrying about things as anxiety, impatience, frustration, nervousness will only lead to bad results. To be courageous and daring, you need to overcome your fears. This wouldn’t be done in a single day, but the continuous efforts are required to master the emotions, inner-strength, and patience. Once you will learn all this, you will see new confidence in yourself. It also represents the way of controlling someone not by domination but with the method of influencing smartly and calmly.

Upright Position

strength-upright position

If the Strength card appears in the upright position in your spread, it suggests that you have the abilities to be successful, the only thing you need is to master your inner-strength, calmness, and patience. There is no need for worrying about things as it will only lead to failure. Use your inner-powers, intellectual abilities, logical thinking, and infinite potentials to withstand the difficult situations of life. It also suggests that you can easily influence others as per your wishes, and this quality of yours is invisible to others. It’s high time to use this hidden powerful tool not to dominate or force anyone, but smartly use it to get your things done. It also suggests a loyal friend or partner who will be going to your great support during the difficult phases of life.

Reversed Position

strength-reversed position

If the Strength card appears in the reversed position in your spread it suggests that you have completely lost your inner-strength and self-confidence. You have made your fears and anxieties to completely overcome you and have lost all the directions in your life. You ain’t able to understand and recognize your abilities. You have become depressed, powerless, negative, vulnerable, and lost all self-esteem. You have people around you who make you feel stressed and degrade you. Try to cut from those and spend time with the ones who appreciate you in every aspect.

Strength in Past Spread

Your inner-strength and potentials have helped you to make things in your favour. With your smart analytical abilities, you have found many new directions in your life.

Strength in Present Spread  

Don’t doubt your capabilities, whatever decision you have taken in your life currently, will prove to be very positive for you. It’s high time to use