The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

the lovers tarot card


‘The Lovers’ is the 6th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a naked couple is seen standing on fertile land, specifying the beautiful time of the companionship. Over them, the angel Raphael (God of healing) is blessing the union with the divine energies by providing both emotional and physical healing. Behind the woman, there is a snake coiled around the trunk of a tall tree, representing that the mind and the intellectual thinking of the person are drawn away by sensual pleasures. Behind the man, there is a tree of twelve flames, representing his primary concern for passion and sensual desires. The man is looking at the woman while she is looking towards the divine angel, who is trying to show her the path of emotional and spiritual needs. The volcanic mountain in the background is the symbol of great sexual desires which are developed between the couple.


  • Relationships
  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Partnerships
  • Sexual Desires and Connections
  • Romance
  • Soulmates
  • Major Choices

General Meanings

As the name says, this card is all about love relationships. It shows that you have a harmonious relationship with your loved one. The bond between the couple is so strong that they are either joined in marriage or have developed a passionate intimate relationship. Since the couple on the card is naked, it represents a complete honesty between them, who have madly fallen in love. Another meaning associated with this card is the choices (opposite and mutually exclusive) which the person has to make in life. You are confused as to which path will be beneficial for you. It suggests that you must consider every fact before taking any major decision in your life.

Upright Position

the lovers-upright position

If ‘The Lovers’ card appears in the upright position in your spread, it suggests that you are going through a beautiful relationship with your partner. You have mutual love, respect, passion, desires, and compassion for each other. It also suggests that you are sexually involved with your partner. If not a romantic relationship, this card also signifies a harmonious relationship with a close friend or among the members of the family. Alternatively, this card also signifies the major choices (usually the opposite and mutually exclusive choices) you have in your life. The appearance of this card in your spread advises you to follow your heart and make the best use of your intuition powers to select the best choice for yourself. Think rationally and practically before making any major decisions in life. It also signifies your passion for your career, a close friend or relative, and a partnership business.

Reversed Position

the lovers-reversed position

The reversed lovers card has various interpretations, depending upon its placement about other cards in the spread. It signifies that you had a harmonious bond during the initial stage of your relationship, but now things are getting worse. Continuous fights, arguments, and disagreements have made you move one from the toxic relationship. There is a lack of mutual respect, care, and love between the couple. You have come to that point in your relationship where you feel like getting separated is the only best option.

Alternatively, it also represents the lack of compatibility between the partners. One person in the relationship is extremely emotional while the other one is extremely practical. It also shows a one-sided lover.

The Lovers in Past Spread

‘The Lovers’ card in the past spread suggests that you have already met your soulmate in the past. You were romantically involved with your partner and now have decided