Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

judgement tarot card


Judgement is the 20th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, there is a large image of Archangel Gabriel (Messenger of God) blowing his trumpet to call the people for the judgement. In the foreground, a naked man, woman, and children are rising from their coffins in response to the call from the angel. They have opened their arms and looking up towards the angel to hear the judgement regarding their after-death journey. There will be a judgement based on their karmas and deeds, then accordingly they will send to heaven or hell. In the background, there is an extensive mountain range with massive tidal waves denoting that the judgement is unavoidable.


  • Judgement
  • Rebirth and Renewal
  • Karma
  • Forgiveness
  • Decisions
  • Drastic Change
  • Success and Transformation
  • Absolution

General Meaning

In a general way, this card advises you to eliminate or go off the old patterns or things which are no longer serving you. It is advisable to step into the new version of yourself and start seeing the things with the new perspective. Try to get connected to your spiritual path and inner-strength to find the answers to the mysteries of your life. If you have been working hard and honest in your dealings, your hard work will be rewarded soon. If you have been dishonest, then be ready to face your karmas. This card advises you to amend your misdeeds before its too late.

Upright Position

judgement card-upright position

In the upright position, this card denotes the new beginnings. You have to eliminate the old patterns to make room for the new ones. This will be a complete transformation process which will help you to grow well in life. You will be able to find the new opportunities which will help you to taste success. Make the use of your logical and intellectual thinking to find the correct path which will prove to be beneficial for you. Try to get connect with your intuitive powers too.

This card also advises to you keep a check on your karmas. If you have been honest in your work, then soon you will be rewarded. If not, then this card asks you to get ready to face the results of your bad deeds. Try to accept your mistakes instead of imposing it on others. Learns from your past experiences and life lessons to find the answers to your several questions. You can also take the advice from an experienced person in certain situations.

This card also signifies that you are extremely judging others. Instead of passing any particular judgement regarding anyone, focus on your things.

It also denotes that your certain legal matters will be resolved soon and you will get judged fairly.

Reversed Position

judgement card-reversed position

If this card appears in the reversed position, it denotes that the universe is providing you with several signals but you are not paying attention to anyone of them. You are living in the world of illusions and failed to accept the realities. The period has arrived where the universe is signalling you to make certain changes in your life to prosper well in life. But, you are imposing the negative messages upon you and failed to understand the mysteries of the divine power. Try to get connect with your spiritual side and meditate to find the answers for many questions.

This card also signifies the period of reflection and self-evaluation which may help you to know your certain mistakes. This will also help you to face your karmic lessons.

If you are confused regarding anything, this card in the reversed position advises you to stop doubting your capabilities and start focusing on your real worth. This card in the reversed position also shows that you might be involved in certain gossips which may put you in troubles. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

This also signifies a delay in the legal matters or the judgement will be given but you won’t be happy and may feel that you are treated with injustice.

Judgement in Past Spread

In the past spread, the appearance of this card shows that you had experienced the success of your hard work. There might be some legal issues which were in your favour. This also signifies that you had made certain decisions in your past but worried about its outcome. Whatever it is, trust the timings of God as ultimately everything will be in your favour.

Judgement in Present Spread

If this card appears in your present spread, it advises you to erase old methods and patterns and focus on improving your intellectual and logical thinking to choose a suitable path for yourself. It also advises focusing on your deeds as you will be getting the results of your karmas soon. This also signifies a legal matter or proceedings which will turn out to be in your favour.

Judgement in Future Spread

Soon you will be getting the new opportunities which will be beneficial for you. Instead of getting stuck in the old ways, it is better to welcome the new opportunities with open hands. Keep on working hard as shortly you will be rewarded for your hard work. Your potential will be put to a test to check how focused you are. If you are going through some legal matter, this card signifies a positive outcome.

Judgement in Love Spread

If you are single, the appearance of this card in your spread denotes that you need to consider every fact about the person before making a final decision of getting into the relationship. It advises you not to make hasty decisions in choosing a partner as there are chances of regret in future. So, consider everything before making a final move. If you are committed, this card denotes a rocky phase of your relationship. You and your partner may try to put allegations and blames on each other. This card advises you to discuss every issue with your partner by a healthy communication instead of arguing which will further bring the negativity in your relationship. Patience, logical and healthy discussions, and open communication are the only ways by which you can resolve the issues. If still nothing works, this card also denotes a legal separation between the couple.

Judgement in Career Spread

In the career spread, this card denotes that your potentials and intellectual abilities will be put to the test before choosing a suitable path of your career. You can also take the expert guidance from your superiors regarding the various choices. Sometimes, this card also denotes that your work is being judged by authorities and there are chances of getting promoted. Whatever it is, this card advises you to stay focused and dedicated as your hard work will soon be rewarded.

Judgement in Finance Spread

In the finance spread, the appearance of this card shows advises considering every fact before making a financial decision. Conduct a proper survey to estimate the results of your investments or big business ventures. If you are going through some legal matter regarding the finances or properties, this card denotes a positive outcome.

Judgement in Health Spread

If you have recently fallen ill, this card shows that your health will be recovered shortly. All you need is to follow a healthy routine to avoid any major health issue. Bringing some changes in your routine will prove to be fruitful.

Judgement in Family Spread

If this card appears in the family spread, it shows that there are high chances of some legal matter going on among the members of the family. It can be the issues regarding the ancestral property or some divorce case. Whatever it is, the appearance of this card denotes that the result will be in your favour.

Sometimes, this card also denotes that you are being judged for your work by your relatives.

Judgement in Yes or No Spread

This card denotes the transformation which will prove to be fruitful shortly. So, the answer to your question will be ‘Yes’.

Other Facts

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Pluto


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