Justice Tarot Card Meanings

justice tarot card


Justice is the 11th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a justice figure sits on a cemented seat. In her right hand, she holds a sword, which is pointing upwards that signifies taking a firm, correct, and fair decision with a logical mind. The double edge blade of the sword shows that there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action. In her left hand, she holds a balancing scale, which is considered as the symbol of fair, just, and impartiality. She wears a gold crown with a small blue-coloured square on it which symbolizes the ability to take the unbiased decision to provide justice. She wears a red-coloured robe (symbol of strength, power, and authority) and green-coloured mantle (symbol of growth, rebirth, new beginnings). Behind her back, there is a loosely hung purple veil (symbol of empathy, understanding, dignity, peace, and independence) between the two cemented pillars, signifying balance, law, and fair decisions. A white-coloured shoe pops out from the bottom of her red robe, which signifies that she delivers the decisions as per the results of your actions.


  • Justice
  • Law
  • Legal Disputes
  • Karmic Relationship
  • Cause and Effect
  • Fairness
  • Consequences
  • Life Lessons
  • Truth

General Meaning

The ‘Justice’ card is the significance of the consequences of your actions. If you have acted in the right way, for the best of others, then you don’t have you worry about anything as your good deeds will be rewarded soon. But if you have been wrong in your dealings, acting with cruelty towards others, then this card signifies that soon you will be punished for your bad karmas. In short, this card is all about karmic justice. The purple veil behind the justice figure symbolizes that if you accept and apologize for you wong deeds, you will be treated with unbiased justice. This card is also related to the choices made by you along with its consequences. It suggests considering every positive and negative consequence of the decisions made. This card also shows the revelation of the truth. You may get to know that the things which you had thought are different in reality. This card asks you to accept the truth whenever it is being revealed to you.

Upright Position

justice card-upright position

The appearance of this card in an upright position in your spread suggests that soon you will be provided with the results of your karmas, irrespective of the fact that whether you have done good deeds or bad deeds. If you have been fair in your dealings then there is nothing to worry about. But if you have been wrong, this card suggests that soon you will face the consequences. If you are going through a legal battle, then the appearance of this card in your spread is a good omen, which says that soon you will get the justice. The decisions of the governing body will be given very soon and this card suggests that whatever the decision is, accept it and move on. This card also suggests making a proper balance of the things in your life.

Alternatively, this card also signifies that you are confused between the choices. You are not able to make a correct decision as to which path should be followed. This card suggests that you must consider everything before making the final decision, the positive and negative aspects of your decisions. Once the decision is made, there is no looking back.

Reversed Position

justice-reversed position

The appearance of the ‘Justice’ card in the reversed position in your spread has several meanings depending upon its position with the other cards in your spread. This card in the reversed position shows that till now, you have not been fair in your dealings. You have been doing the things which are ethically wrong by hurting the sentiments of others. You are not considering yourself accountable for the wrongdoings and blaming others.

This card also shows th