The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

Generally, a hierophant is a person, especially a priest, who explains and interprets the sacred principles and mysteries.

the hierophant tarot card


The Hierophant is the 5th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. This card is known as ‘High Priest’ and ‘Pope’ in other decks. The Hierophant is assumed to be the male counterpart of ‘High Priestess’ card. On this card, a religious figure is sitting between the two pillars which seems to be a sacred temple. He is wearing a three-layered robe of red, blue, and white colour. The Red colour is a symbol of courage, action, and confidence. Blue colour represents faith, wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence, while the colour white represents purity, spirituality, and protection. On his head, he wears a three-tiered crown which represents the three worlds (conscious, subconscious, and superconscious) over which he rules. His right hand is raised above for benediction (a symbol of blessings) with the two fingers and thumb pointing towards the heaven and the other two fingers pointing towards the earth. On his left hand, he holds the ‘Papal Cross’ which symbolizes his religious status. In the foreground, two of the followers are kneeling to seek the blessings of the Hierophant, who has passed the sacred knowledge to them so that they can take their appointed roles. Near the foot of the Hierophant, there are two crossed keys which represent the mysterious world where only he can go.


  • Traditions, Morals, and Ethics
  • Marriage
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Teaching Institution
  • Commitment
  • Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Consent and Approval

General Meaning

‘The Hierophant’ card signifies meeting a religious person to gain spiritual knowledge from him. This could be a life-changing experience for you. You may learn many traditional values from that person. He can be a religious advisor, priest, preacher, monk, or anyone. Alternatively, this card also represents your role as an advisor or a teacher. If you have mastered your field of career, this card is a good omen which assures your growth as a teacher and mentor. This is a very positive card which sometimes advises you to follow the path of spirituality. It also signifies a religious ceremony in the family.

Upright Position

the hierophant-upright position

If this card appears in the upright position in your spread, it signifies a positive sign. There are chances of meeting someone who will guide you well and will be your mentor for life. This can be a religious figure like a priest, preacher, monk, etc. This could be a life-changing experience for you as that person will bless you with the sacred knowledge which will take you to the path of spirituality. If you are a teacher, this card is a good omen which signifies growth in your profession. People around you will appreciate your teaching methods and will always look for your advice. There will a positive environment around you. This card also shows a religious ceremony at your place. It also signifies your prestigious image in society. Your work is appreciated by others and people always look for your advice on whatever the situation is.

This card also signifies a marriage function in your family.

Reversed Position

the hierophant-reversed position

If ‘The Hierophant’ appears in the reversed position in your spread if advises you to follow your own advises rather than blindly following others. The answer you are seeking will come from within. So, for that, you need to focus on your subconscious mind which has all the answers to your questions. Sometimes, this card also advises following your spiritual belief system. Alternatively, this card also shows that you are following the path of anti-institutional activities. You are getting attracted by the fancy world and your friends might be involving you in the unethical activities. Constantly, you are arguing with your parents, teacher, and elders. This card suggests following the ethical path rather than getting attracted by this sinful world.

This card in the reversed position also advises that there might be some delay in the marriage function or any other celebrations.

The Hierophant in Past Spread

If this card appears in your past spread, this card signifies that you had developed a strong bond with someone who might be a religious person. You have learned many spiritual ethics from him which has brought a positive change in your life. It also denotes a partnership with someone in the past which had proved to be fruitful. It also denotes a marriage ceremony which had happened in your family.

The Hierophant in Present Spread

If this card appears in the present spread, this card signifies meeting someone spiritual. The advice from that person will prove to be very fruitful for you. It also denotes taking the advice of your parents, teachers, and elders. This card signifies in maintaining a balance between the traditional and modern values which will benefit you in all ways.

The Hierophant in Future Spread

If this card appears in the future spread, it advises you to follow the path of spirituality to find out the answers to the mysteries of your life. By this, you may meet someone, especially who will be a religious person, who will guide you well in life. Taking the advice of your parents, teachers, elders, etc. will help you to understand various aspects of life which will help you in several ways. This card also shows an upcoming marriage or engagement.

The Hierophant in Love Spread

If you are single, this card denotes that soon you might be meeting a compatible partner who will guide you well in life as this is a positive card which denotes a committed relationship. If you are committed, this card shows that soon you will be taking your relationship to the next level. This card denotes a marriage or future commitment based upon mutual love, respect, care, trust, and understanding. This card also assures a blissful married life.

The Hierophant in Career Spread

If you are a student, the appearance of this card in your career spread signifies to take the advice of your parents, teachers, and elders which may prove to be beneficial for you. It also denotes meeting a good guide or mentor who can help you on different matters. If you are a teacher than the appearance of this card advises you to stay focused on your career as your hard work will be appreciated. Put your maximum efforts as people will look for your advice on different matters. If you are working somewhere, this card assures your appreciation by your superiors. You work will be considered and there might be the chances of a future job promotion.

The Hierophant in Finance Spread

In the finance spread, the appearance of this card shows that instead of considering the new methods, it’s better to follow the traditional methods. It also advises taking help from the old financial institutions. Though this card is a good omen, still it suggests considering all the factors before making the investments. This card is a strong indication of the partnership business, so if you are thinking of either expansion or starting a new partnership business, this card is a positive sign and suggests to go ahead.

The Hierophant in Health Spread

In the case of health spread, the appearance of this card denotes that if you are suffering from some illness, your health will be fine soon. This card advises you to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs to maintain good health. Following the path of spirituality will help you to maintain a balance of both mental and physical health. Try to have a healthy lifestyle which will help you to increase your immunity.

The Hierophant in Family Spread

In the family spread, the appearance of this card advises you to stick to your old family traditions. You can try to maintain a balance between modern and traditional values. This also denotes a family where the advice of the elders is given the utmost importance. It also signifies a marriage or religious ceremony in the family.

The Hierophant in Yes or No Question

The Hierophant card is based upon the theme of the spiritual path. The answer to the question you are seeking can either be negative or positive, depending upon your beliefs. So, the answer to the question you are seeking will be ‘Maybe’.

Other Facts

  • Element: Earth
  • Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Period: April 21 to May 20

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