The High Priestess Card Meanings

Generally, a high priestess is described as a chief woman, who is a proponent of particular belief or practice.

the high priestess tarot card


The High Priestess is the 2nd Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, the high priestess wears a blue coloured robe (symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence) with a cross on her chest, symbolizing her divine knowledge and spiritual connection. On her head, she wears the crown of Isis (goddess of life and magic). In her lap, she holds a scroll with the letters TORA, which symbolizes the greater law according to A.E. Waite, who was the co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The scroll is partly covered, signifying that her sacred knowledge is only known to the ones who are very close to her. The crescent moon near her feet symbolizes her connections with the natural cycles of the moon. The connection with the natural cycles of the moon means her powerful feminine energy, intuition, wisdom, sacred knowledge and her spiritual knowledge. Behind her back, there is a thin veil, decorated with pomegranates which symbolizes abundance, fertility, and divine energies. On either side of the high priestess, there stand two tall pillars (associated with the Temple of Solomon). One pillar is black with the letter B on it, symbolizing Boaz, which is called the ‘Pillar of Strength’. The other one is white with the letter J on it, symbolizing Jachin, which is called the ‘Pillar of Establishment’. These pillars also signify the duality of nature; good and bad, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, etc.


  • Intuition
  • Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Mystery
  • Spiritual Powers
  • Subconscious
  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Feminine Energy

General Meaning

The High Priestess symbolizes the connection with the sacred knowledge, spiritual powers, and intuition. It signifies that in reality, things are not the same as they appear to be. There are some hidden facts which are not known to you. This card also advises that the right time has arrived and you have to work on your intuitive powers to know the untold secrets. Try to develop a connection with the divine world by meditating. Sometimes, this card also relates to the actual person in your life who is spiritual and has vast knowledge about the sacred world.

Upright Position

the high priestess-upright position

If ‘The High Priestess’ appears in the upright position in your spread, it signifies that it’s the high time that you start working on your intuitive powers. There are many hidden facts and secrets which will only be revealed once you start working on developing the connection with the divine world. The answers you are looking for will come from within. Try to look for the signs which the Supreme power is giving you in the form of dreams. Focus on your intuition as your gut feeling will take you in the right direction in life. If you are already working on your intuitive powers, the appearance of this card in your spread suggests to keep on working hard as it will lead you to your ultimate goal. This card also warns you regarding the hidden facts in your life. Sometimes, this card also signifies a female figure who is spiritual and has vast sacred knowledge.

Reversed Position

the high priestess-reversed position

If this card appears in the reversed position in your spread, it signifies that God is providing you with the number of signs and symbols, but you are ignoring them. It suggests that the answers you are looking for in your life will come from within. For that, you need to focus on your intuitive powers and inner gut feelings to know the realities about the hidden facts. If you will follow this path of sharpening your intuitive knowledge, you will be successful in achieving the ultimate goal of your life.

Alternatively, this card also suggests that you have many hidden enem