The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

the chariot tarot card


The Chariot is the 7th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a brave warrior wears an armour decorated with the crescent moons and alchemical symbols, representing his celestial influences. Although he seems to be riding the chariot, he holds no reins. He is just standing still inside the chariot. On his right hand, he holds a wand which is pointing upwards, which represents his controlling powers. On the centre of his chest, there is a symbol of the element of earth, which symbolizes the material world. On his head, he wears the crown of a star and laurel, symbolizing the power, authority, success, honour, glory, and his spiritual world. From the picture, it appears that the charioteer is ready to take the action towards his direction. In the foreground, two sphinxes of black and white colour seem to be riding the chariot. The black and white colour of the sphinxes represents the duality of nature; day and night, positive and negative, etc. Though the sphinxes seem to be riding in the opposite direction, the charioteer with the help of his powers tries to take the chariot in the forward direction. Behind the charioteer, there is a canopy of six-pointed stars which symbolizes the divine connection of the charioteer with the spiritual world.


  • Victory and Success
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Ambitions
  • Willpower
  • Action
  • Control
  • Direction
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Overcoming Obstacles

General Meaning

The Chariot is the card of determination, focus, strength, and willpower which motivates you to stay committed to your work. It denotes that if you stay focused and keeps on doing the hard work, soon you will be rewarded with the good results. If you have taken a particular decision in life, the appearance of this card advises you to work in the direction of the fulfilment of your goals. Many opposing forces may try to divert your mind from your goal, but you have to stay focused and dedicated. There is no shortcut in achieving the targets.

Upright Position

the chariot-upright position

If ‘The Chariot’ appears in the upright position in your spread, it denotes your focus and dedication towards your goals. You have made certain decisions in your life and now is the high time to work for your goals. Taking the right actions at the right time will help you achieve your desired goals. There might be several opposing forces and obstacles which will try to divert you to certain wrong directions. So, this will a testing time to check as to how dedicated you are towards your targets. If you are planning for certain projects, the appearance of this card assures the positive outcome. Remember, only the hard work, dedication, and smart work is the only key to success. Sometimes, the appearance of this card also denotes travelling for recreational purpose or moving to some other city or country.

Reversed Position

the chariot-reversed position

If this card appears in the reversed position in your spread, it denotes your efforts in the wrong direction. There might be several choices in front of you and you have chosen the wrong one for you. This card in the reversed position advises you to take a U-turn as a certain path or direction is not meant for you. Currently, the things may appear to be favourable, but in reality, they are opposite. So, consider every fact before making any final decision.

This card also signifies that you have lost the directions of your life. Lack of motivation and focus have made you miserable. You are not having a clear vision of the path where life is leading you. This card in the reversed position denotes that you have all the potentials but you are being diverted from your work. Your friend circle could be one of the reasons for diverting you from your paths. It’s better to stay away from the people who try to d