The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

Generally, a magician is a person who possesses magical powers.

the magician tarot card


The Magician is the 1st Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, the magician wears a red and white-coloured robe. The colour red represents powers, strength, authority, knowledge, and wisdom. The colour white is a symbol of purity and spiritual powers. On his head, there is an infinite symbol, representing his worldly knowledge of the things and his potentials. In his right hand, he holds his magic wand which is stretched upwards, pointing towards the universe, while his left hand is pointing down towards the earth. It represents the balance he maintains between the spiritual and material world. This balance helps him to gain different things in life. On his waist, he has a belt of a snake biting his tail, representing, his infinite potentials and abilities. The four suits of the tarot deck, sword, pentacle, cup, and the wand are kept on the table, each representing the four elements, water, air, earth, and wand. The four suits which he possesses represents that he has all the four elements which are required to live. This also denotes the different possessions which he has to live a blissful life. On the foreground, there are green coloured fresh leaves and red flowers, which represents the fruitful result of his ideas and ambitions.


  • Power and Authority
  • Psychic Powers
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Manifestation
  • Intellectual and Logical Abilities
  • Dreams and Desires
  • Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Influence

General Meaning

The Magician is a very positive card, which motivates you to work for your goals. This card denotes that you possess all the powers, abilities, and talents which will help you to achieve your dreams. It gives you a clear vision of your goals, but the only thing you required is the focus and concentration. If you stay focused, you will be going to receive positive results.

Upright Position

the magician-upright position

If ‘The Magician’ appears in the upright position in your spread, then it denotes your talents and abilities. You can achieve whatever you want in life, only if you work hard towards your goals. Focus and dedication is the only key to achieve success. If you stay loyal and committed to your targets, then success is assured. If you are still confused about the different options, this card advises you to clear your thoughts, try to understand the scope of each option and then make the final choice. You possess all the sources which are required to fulfil your goals. Since the time is favourable for you, this card advises you to work hard and stay focused. This card also advises you to focus on one thing at a time. After achieving a particular goal, the next thing you required is to work for your second goal and so on. Sometimes, this card also denotes a person who has all the infinite potentials to easily convince others to get his work done by them.

Reversed Position

the magician-reversed position

If ‘The Magician’ appears in the reversed position in your spread, it denotes that you have all the capabilities and potential but are not sure of your goals. You are confused between several options and failed to take the final decision. This card advises you to consider all the facts of the different choices before choosing any particular path for yourself. This card also denotes that you are putting your maximum efforts for your goals, but your anxieties and insecurities have made you confused which has resulted in your decreased confidence. Due to a lack of confidence, you are feeling depressed which is directly effecting your work. This card in the reversed position also denotes that you are really worried about the results which have increased your stress levels. Don’t worry, if you have worked well, your hard work will be rewarded soon. It