Can Tarot Cards Ruin your Life?


Should I wait for my partner or move on? Will I get my dream job? Should I invest or not? When will I get married? These are some of the most common questions that keep on coming into our minds at different phases of life. To find accurate answers, we all try to look for a professional tarot card reader. Well, tarot card reading is a method of using different tarot cards as the guiding aspects to look into the past, present, and future of the person. It is one of the most common and powerful tools which is there in the market for a very long time. Many people prefer to seek the guidance of tarot cards before taking any important decision in their lives, but are you sure that the over-dependence on these cards won’t ruin your life? Well, the simple answer is NO! but it can definitely cause several negative impacts on your life in different ways. In this article, you will get the know the various pros and cons of tarot card reading and would be able to understand well how these cards work. It will also help you to get a clearer picture of your doubt if tarot cards can ruin your life. Let’s read further to know the details.

Can Tarot Cards Ruin your Life

How do Tarot Readings Work?

Tarot readers use the different forms of tarot decks available in the market to do the readings of their clients. These tarot cards have different symbols, pictures, numbers, and messages on them and the readers use their intuition powers to get connected to these figures to answer your questions. Before reading the cards for anyone, make sure that your mind is free from all sorts of negative and unwanted thoughts. You are calm and composed and have high vibrations and energies to make predictions for others. You need to understand that the tarot reading can only give you guidance regarding your future according to your present energies, it cannot actually predict your future. The actual outcome of any situation depends upon your free will decisions. The actual game of the tarot reading depends upon the intuition powers of the reader. If the reader is unable to get connected to his/her intuition powers, the answers that you would be getting in your tarot session would be null and void. So, it’s very important to have strong intuition powers. A person can sharpen his/her intuition powers by meditating and following the path of spirituality. Meditation is not only a beautiful way of improving intuition power but it also helps to get rid of various negative, unwanted, and stressful thoughts. It helps to clear off all the toxic and negative thoughts and helps to attract only positivity.

Future Predictions

A tarot is a beautiful way of understanding the situation in a better way. It doesn’t predict the future at all. People who claim that they can easily predict your future then it’s totally wrong as your future is in your hands. The tarot cards can only give you insight into the situation, can help you to understand the various obstacles and challenges coming your way, and can predict the various opportunities but in the end, it all depends upon the free will decision of the person to utilize all the information to make a better future for themselves or not. The tarot reading is always done on the basis of the present energies of the person and the future is predicted according to the present energies which can be changed if the energies are changed. So, predicting the exact future with tarot reading is not possible. Asking about the exact future will only give you false hopes, confusion, and anxiety. The future is in your hands. The tarot cards can only give you an idea of the situation in the future and guides you on the ways to tackle various situation. The exact outcome depends upon the energies and free will decisions of the person. You can use tarot as a powerful tool for self-development, guidance, manifestation, making choices, clearing confusion, etc. but you cannot use them for predicting the exact future of the person. In short, a tarot reading can only tell what can and cannot happen and guides you in the ways to deal with such situations but definitely doesn’t reveal the exact outcome of any situation.

Role of Energies

The role of your energies plays a very important role in deciding the predictions of your tarot reading especially if you are reading for yourself. If you are under some sort of stress or pressure, and facing mental instability, then there are chances of getting confused, null, and void answers in your reading. It’s because your energies are not clear and you are simply attached to the outcome of your reading. When the reading is done in an unbiased and stable way, it tends to give clear answers to your questions. It’s very important to perform meditation and clear your mind from various negativities to do a perfect reading for yourself. Sometimes, many people will say that they can easily read the cards for others but not for themselves and that’s all because such people are attached to the outcome of the reading and it causes confusion in their minds to get the pre-assumed answers. Also, make sure that your health is perfectly fine to perform the tarot readings.

Repetitive Questions

One of the major mistakes that most readers and customers do is to ask the same question again and again unless they get the answers that suit their preferences. It’s nothing but the misuse of cards as it will cause more confusion and will give vague answers. Once you do this mistake, it means you are not trying to understand the real guidance of the higher spirits but letting your ow