The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

the fool tarot card


The Fool is the 0 Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a young man is walking towards the edge of the cliff. He seems to be in a joyful mood as his face is upwards toward the sky and walking without care that his next step can make him fall from the cliff to some unknown place. He is not paying attention to what is coming next. In his left hand, he holds a white rose which symbolizes his purity and innocence. In his right hand, he holds a sack containing his belongings. Near his feet, a small white-coloured dog is barking towards him, signalling him about the danger which is coming on his way. Unaware of his surroundings, the man is just walking without paying attention to anyone. In the background, there is a range of rocky mountains which denotes that this is just the beginning, as there are going to be several challenges ahead of the young man which he has to pass to reach his ultimate goal.


  • New Beginnings
  • Innocence and Purity
  • Free Spirit
  • Freedom
  • Careless
  • Foolish
  • Adventures and Travels
  • Youth
  • No Commitment

General Meaning

The Fool is a positive card which denotes the new, excited, and unexpected journeys of life. You have to overcome your anxieties and fears to start this new beginning of your life. Act like a free spirit and enjoy whatever the divine powers of the universe are showering on you. As soon as you walk on this path, you will be able to see the clear directions of your goals. It is time to relax as all the right things will happen at the right time. As a person, it denotes someone who is daring and carefree.

Upright Position

the fool-upright position

If this card appears in the upright position, it denotes the new beginnings or new journeys of life. This journey will be full of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. You may feel directionless for a moment, but everything will be cleared once you step forward to this journey. Don’t force the things as everything will happen at the right time because forcing things will only dead to disruptions. You have to overcome your fears and anxieties for your personal growth and development. It also denotes choosing a creative field as your profession.

Alternatively, this card also suggests that because of your carefree attitude you are not able to see the obstacles and dangers which are coming in your way. You are blindly walking in your path, unaware of the hurdles which can affect your journey to a great extent. This also denotes that you are not taking good care of your health.

Reversed Position

the fool-reversed position

This card in the reversed position denotes that your life is providing you with some new opportunities but you are not ready to consider them because of lack of confidence. You are more considered about the result rather than the journey. Your fears and anxieties have stopped you to move ahead towards your goals. If not fears, then there is something which is holding you back to move forward. This card in the reversed position advises you to implement your plan in reality to get the timely results.

Alternatively, this card also shows that you are performing several actions and risks at the same time. This card advises you to slow down the process and consider every fact before making any decision.

It also denotes a delay in certain things which can affect your work to a great extent. You are lacking fun, hope, and excitement.

The Fool in Past Spread

‘The Fool’ in the past spread denotes that you had taken certain decisions in life which will prove to be beneficial in the coming days. With this, you have opene