Do Tarot Cards Cause Anxiety?

Tarot card reading is a divine practice of seeking guidance and solving confusion regarding the various aspects of life. A tarot card reading can be done for different things like your love life, marriage, finances, career, health, etc. It is also one of the most common and powerful tools to practice and improve your intuitive powers and spirituality. Some people have the habit of conducting tarot card readings on a daily basis to seek the answers to their different questions. But do you know that sometimes tarot card reading can cause anxiety? Well, all your answers and confusion will be solved by reading this article that explains how a tarot card reading can cause anxiety. Let’s read further to know the details.

Do Tarot Cards Cause Anxiety

Clear State of Mind

It is said that to conduct a tarot card reading either for yourself or for others, you should have a clear state of mind. A clear state of mind means your focus for the tarot reading should be clear and you should clearly know the subject for which you are trying to pull out cards for yourself. If your mind is full of confusion and unstable, then doing a tarot card reading will cause more anxiety and confusion. This will directly impact your mental health causing emotional instability and worries. Your mind should be clear, your energies should be high and positive to conduct a reading for anyone. If this is not there, then definitely you will be suffering from anxiety issues from tarot card reading.

Sometimes, a person is blindly attached to the outcome of the tarot reading. You need to understand that a tarot card reading is done only on the basis of present energies and it can only guide you on various aspects of life. A tarot reading cannot predict the exact future for anyone as the future is not known to anyone. We are wholly responsible for our future on the basis of our free will decisions and karmas. So, having an attachment or connection with the cards can sometimes also give vague answers that result in causing anxiety issues.

Emotional Health

The other most common mistake that a person does while doing a tarot card reading is there is emotional instability. There are many people who tend to visit a tarot card reader and get a reading done immediately after any bad experience both in their professional and personal lives. Immediately after a bad encounter, the emotions of the person are too high and it can directly impact the outcome of your readings. An unclear mind, mixed frequencies, negativity, and emotional instability will only lead to attracting more mental health issues. The best time to get a tarot card reading is when you are emotionally stable. If you experience anything bad in life, avoid getting the tarot card reading immediately after it as it will only cause you worries and anxieties.

Pulling out too many Cards

Tarot card reading is all about your intuition work and how you interpret the various symbols and images on these cards using your intuition powers. Sometimes, you are at low frequency and vibrational levels that you won’t be able to understand the answer drawn from the single card. To clarify it further, you tend to pull out more and more cards which instead of clearing your confusion but causes it more and more. This state can lead to anxiety and worries. This is the reason it is said that the person needs to be free from all worries and negativity before conducting any tarot card reading.

Same Card Different Meanings

A tarot card deck comprises several different cards that have different symbols, pictures, and numbers on them. The same card can have different meanings and you need to understand which meaning and concept suits best your particular situation. For example, A Devil card in a tarot deck can represent negativity and poor mental health but it can also define passion, temptation, and any addiction. Sometimes, the concept that the same card has several different meanings can cause worries and anxiety to the reader who might be having low vibrational frequencies to relate the cards with the current topic of the question.

Reading for Others

Sometimes, readings for others can also cause anxiety. This actually happens when the person for whom you are reading the tarot cards is highly emotional, confused, having negative thoughts, and has mixed vibrational energies. You should always try to avoid conducting the readings for such clients who are suffering from emotional turmoil as it will eventually cause you anxiety and negativity. Not only this but it will also lead to bad health; both mentally and physically in the worst cases. So, you should only conduct the readings for those clients who are stable and genuinely seeking the answers and not showing desperation.

Complicated Spreads

The other way of causing anxiety through tarot card reading is choosing the complicated spreads over the simplest ones to find the answers to your questions. A two or three-card tarot card reading is enough to seek guidance regarding the particular situation or subject of your life. Going for a huge spread by adding more and more cards will only lead to confusion and vague answers. The best thing is to pull out the limited cards and try to understand what the angels are trying to convey through these cards. Try to build a strong intuition and connection with these cards to understand well the answers to your question. By this, your anxiety will also be less and you would be able to understand the exact answers to your readings.

Future Predictions

A tarot card reading is a powerful tool to get connected to your intuitive powers to seek the answers to various questions about different subjects of your life. A tarot card reading cannot predict your future as the future is created by y