The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

the tower tarot card


The Tower is the 16th Major Arcana card among all the other 22 Major Arcana cards. On this card, a solid tower is built on the rocky mountain and it takes the lightning bolt to bring it down since it is built on the weak foundation. It symbolizes the goals, promises, dealings, and ambitions made on fake principles. The windows are bursting with the flames, making the two people jumped with their head first and stretched arms, without knowing what awaits them. With the dark sky and thick black clouds (symbol of misfortune), the picture looks scary with chaos and destruction. With the sudden lightning bolt, the crown of the tower has fallen off. It symbolizes that the divine energies of the universe are flowing through the crown chakra. There are 22 flames in the picture, denoting the 12 zodiac signs and 10 points of the ‘Tree of Life’. It denotes that there is still some positive aspect even in the hour of destruction.


  • Chaos and Destruction
  • Loss, Bankruptcy, and Robbery
  • Unexpected Change
  • Revelation
  • Divorce
  • Broken Pride
  • Awakening
  • Trauma
  • Natural Disaster
  • Violence and Abuse

General Meaning

‘The Tower’ card is based upon the theme ‘expect the unexpected’. There might be some unexpected changes in your life which may shake you up mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You cannot escape or delay such chaos. This event was already written in your destiny. Your world may seem to be crashing in front of you, but all this is happening for the Highest Good (the principle of goodness in which all the moral values are included). The root cause of the destruction is the foundation of your life which is based upon fake principles. The lightning bolt symbolizes the divine powers which are trying to show you the realities. Sometimes, such an event occurs in your life, to make you stronger than before.

Upright Position

the tower-upright position

If ‘The Tower’ appears in the upright position in your spread, then it denotes a sudden unexpected event in your life which has shaken you up in every aspect. Such an event is scary, destructive and unavoidable. You may feel that you won’t be able to survive because of such chaos but as time passes, you will realise that such an event has made you a different person. On the positive side, this card signifies that certain things of your life are based upon fake assumptions, lies, deception, and mistrust, which may soon come to an end. On the negative side, this card is associated with negative events, which may prove to be very painful, like, divorce, the sudden death of a loved one, rape, accident, loss, bankruptcy, robbery, etc.

The meaning of this card also depends upon the nature of other cards in your spread. If the other cards are positive, then this card may denote that there might be some sudden change, which will happen for the best of you. If the other cards in your spread are negative, then there might be the chances of some destruction in your life. Whatever the situation is, this card denotes a sudden unexpected change followed by new beginnings.

Reversed Position

the tower-reversed position

If this card appears in the reversed position in your spread, it suggests that you are not accepting the changes which an unexpected event has brought to your life. You are questioning the divine decisions of the Supreme powers. You are living in a world of illusions and failed to see the realities of life. You are still focusing on the fake principles which you had been following until the occurring of such event. Your morals are based upon deception, disbelief, mistrust, and fake assumptions.

Sometimes, this card also shows not the external forces but you are imposing certain unexpected changes on yourself. There is no role of the outside force. You may change your understanding of certain things and realise that you can no longer follow the old ones.

On the positive side, the reversed position of this card shows that with your intuitive powers, you can either avoid such a destructive event or you can get the idea of this future destructive event.

The Tower in Past Spread

The appearance of this card in the past spread suggests that you had faced a certain unexpected event in your life which had disturbed you both physically and emotionally. You will come to know that all this had happened because of your principles which are based upon false realities. Though the event had already passed, still you are recovering from it. You may realise that even though the event was painful, it has also brought some positive changes in your life.

The Tower in Present Spread

If ‘The Tower’ card appears in your present spread, this card shows that you are going through some unexpected event in your life. Sudden hidden facts and secrets are getting revealed to you. All this is happening because of your wrong judgement regarding certain things, based upon mistrust, cheat, deception, fraud, and fake promises. But on the positive side, you may come out even stronger than before, after the occurrence of such an event.

The Tower in Future Spread

If this card appears in the future spread, it gives the idea about the occurrence of a drastic event. Due to this, you will become cautious about the things occurring around you. You will be alert as to which direction to follow. Remember, you can only reduce the level of destruction occurred by such an event, you cannot ignore or escape it.

The Tower in Love Spread

If you are single, the appearance of this card shows that suddenly some unexpected event may occur in your life, which may change your thought process towards the relationships. You will start looking for the options which may prove to be fruitful and now your foundations will be based upon trust, communication, loyal and honesty.

If you are committed, the appearance of this card shows that your relationship may go through some rocky phase. There might be a lot of arguments and conflicts. It may also result in separation, breakup or divorce. But on the positive side, if the couple withstands such a storm in their relationship, then their bond may improve for the good. It also denotes the revelation of certain secrets of your partner.

The Tower in Career Spread

In the career spread, the appearance of this card shows there might be some uncertainty in your career. It also shows the event of sudden job loss or a major conflict in your work area. On the positive side, this card also signifies a job transfer or promotion, which may bring a lot of workload and stress. However, everything will happen for some good reason, which will be revealed at the right time.

The Tower in Finance Spread

In finance spread, the occurrence of ‘The Tower’ denotes that you need to cautious of your money related issues. There are chances of bankruptcy, deceit, robbery, and loss. Do not trust anyone blindly when it comes to money. People around you might be clever and may try to take advantage of your position. This also warns you to consider a proper survey before making any investment.

The Tower in Health Spread

In health spread, the appearance of this card shows the event of an accident or sudden death. This also signifies your degrading mental health and suggests to consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist to improve it. It also denotes the event of a miscarriage, difficult pregnancy, and unwanted pregnancy.

The Tower in Family Spread

There might be chances of such an event in your family, which has disturbed the peace of mind of every member. It also denotes the sufferings of all the members of the family because of the revelation of certain hidden facts and secrets of someone in your family. The exposing of such things have brought a bad name to the family. It also denotes the conflicts going on between the members of the family which may lead to the separation. It also shows sudden death or accident of someone.

The Tower in Yes or No Spread

The Tower card is associated with chaos and destruction. So, the answer to the question you are looking for is ‘No’.

Other Facts

  • Element: Fire
  • Astrology/Zodiac Sign: Mars

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