Two Cup Method For Money


Two Cup Method

Two cup method is used to manifest our dreams. Using this technique, we can have anything and everything we want in our lives. All you need is two cups and some sticky notes. Put the sticky note on both cups. On the first cup write the reality that you want to change. But remind you, be grateful for your reality no matter what it is because gratitude is a manifestation booster. For example, I am grateful for my wealth though I am not fully satisfied with the same.

On the second cup write your desire. You can also write by using a different color. For example, if you want more money, use the color green because it is money. So, choose a color that resonates with your dreams and desires. Pour some water into the first cup. Now hold the first cup in your hand and imagine your current situation or the amount of wealth you have. Don’t forget to be grateful for the same. After this slowly pour water from the first cup to the second cup. Now imagine that your dreams and desires to have more money have come true. Also, have faith in the law of attraction and be grateful for everything you have. When you transfer water from the first cup to the second cup you change your reality. You change the dimensions of your life. Because of all these reasons the method is also known by the name dimension jumping.

One bonus tip that I want to give you is that instead of writing on a sticky note, you can also draw your reality and desire on the same. So, in short, do whatever suits you the best. There also exists an alternative to this method. Take two cups and place sticky notes on them. You can write or draw your reality and desire, depending upon your convenience. Now pour water into both the containers or cups. Hold the first cup that depicts your reality and imagine it, also be grateful for it. Now take this water and throw it away. Bonus tip again doesn’t waste water, use that to water your plants or wash your dishes. Also, don’t forget to throw the sticky note of the first cup in the dustbin. Now take the second cup and hold it in your hand. Meditate for some time and imagine yourself living that dream and desire. Once you are done start drinking the water. While you take all those sips make sure you are grateful for everything you have and everything you will have.

Always remember belief and gratitude is the key to manifestation and law of attraction. Also, once you have drunk water from the second glass, make sure that you live in your desired reality. Believe that you have already received what you were asking for and similarly frame your life. Two cup method is an easy technique to manifest your dreams and because of this reason, it has been used by multiple people. You can rely on this process, but don’t forget that this process will work for you only when you believe that you will get what you have asked for from the bottom of your heart.




We have been the most broken and distraught generation that history has ever witnessed. Relationships are complex by nature and it takes a lot of effort to sustain them. We have no idea how to handle our relations and because of this, we end up losing our close ones. Most of the relationships today have become toxic. But don’t worry here is the method you can use to convert your relationship from being toxic to being healthy.

All you need is two cups and some sticky notes. On the first cup write your current reality. For example, we fight a lot but I am grateful that she is there in my life. Never forget to show gratitude for what you have and what you will have. On the second up write what you want. For example, I want a happy and peaceful relation with minimal fights. Now pour water from the first cup to the second cup. While doing this imagine a happy and healthy relationship with your partner.

After all this, you have only one job left that is to live in your desired reality. Live like you are in a healthy relationship with your partner. You both are not fighting but on the contrary, you both have become more compassionate towards each other. Be thankful for the same. You have used this two-cup method and you have changed your reality by jumping dimensions. So, believe me, there will come a time when you will have a healthy relationship. Just believe the process.


Bring back ex

Sometimes we lose people because of our won stupidity. When we are in a relationship with someone, we may not realize how important that person is to us. But when that relationship ends and the person moves out of our life the world gets shattered for us. Sometimes we don’t understand how to go back to that person and say sorry for all our faults, but here are some tips that you can use to bring back your ex in your life. Apart from saying sorry and reaching out to them, you can follow the two-cup method to bring them back. This will not only bring back your ex but also enable you to live a prosperous life.

So, get yourself two cups, some sticky notes, and colored pens. On cup one write your reality for example she is not in my life but I am grateful that I am trying to bring her back in my life. I know it isn’t easy to find gratitude in every situation but trust me there are multiple things to be grateful for. On the second cup write your desired reality like she has given me one more chance and now we are living happily together. Now, pour the water from cup one to cup two and meditate on the idea of your desired reality.

You need to believe this is true for it to be true. You can’t be like let’s start a new relationship and if she comes back, I will get along with her again. Manifestation and law of attraction don’t acknowledge ifs and buts. Trust the process and let the universe do all the magic.



Weight loss


Body shaming has been the most evident form of abuse nowadays. In no circumstance can it be justified but still it is being practiced across the globe. Remember don’t lose your weight because some X, Y, Z person has commented something about size. Weight loss should always be about you. Lose your weight because you want to get fitter or maybe because you are not happy with your body type. But always remember that whatever you may do, there still will be imperfections within you. So, start accepting the fact that you are imperfectly perfect.

Take two cups with sticky notes attached to them. On the first cup write your current situation, for example, I am not on my ideal weight but I am grateful that I am not obese. On the second cup write your desire reality. For example, I have toned legs and arms and also, I am wearing all different types of clothes I ever wanted to wear. Now pour some water in the first cup and be grateful for your reality. Slowly, pour the water from the first cup to the second cup and imagine your desired reality. Believe that you will lose weight and therefore reach your ideal weight.

Remember that your thoughts have the power to change your life and destiny. Put your thoughts to work so that your thoughts and ideas can put the law of attraction to work. Don’t doubt the process by saying that I will buy this dress when I will lose weight. Such thoughts send signals to the universe saying that you are not very sure of what you want. Therefore, when your mind isn’t clear, the things you receive will also not be clear. So, live in your desired reality with a clear mind.



Height has been a problem for many. Some of us are very tall whereas others are very short. It is a common finding that people with short height always want to increase their height. So, all you need to do is take two cups. On the first cup write your current height. But be grateful for it. On the second cup write the height that you want to achieve or want for yourself. I understand that a change of height may look like a very unrealistic concept to many of you, but trust me there is nothing that can’t happen. The universe will give you everything you ask for irrespective of it being height, weight, money, fame, etc.

Pour water in the first cup and while doing this believe that you are going to change reality or for that matter, you are going to jump dimensions. Now take water from this cup and pour it into the second cup. Hold the second cup and meditate on the idea of living your desired reality. After this, the process is complete all you need to do now is believe that your desire will turn into reality when the time comes for the same.


Success stories


People across the globe have tried this method to attain great success in their lives. The success of this method can be checked by the number of returns it has given to different people. Success is subjective it could mean something for you and something else for me. No two people perceive success in the same way. For example, A thinks that having a large sum of money is success for him, but B feels that having a small family is successful for me. Success has no right or wrong definition. It is like water; it can take the shape of anything and everything.

All you need to do is finalize and tell your mind what success means to you. If your mind has a vague concept about success then the result you will get will also be vague. Remind you, always have a clear, calm, and composed mind. Now do the two-cup method, take the cups and write your current reality and desired reality. Now pour water from cup one to cup two. While doing this be grateful for what you have and what you will have. Showing gratitude is the best thing you can do.

Trust me when I say that using this method you can achieve success. I have tried this and got everything I asked for. Similarly, I have met a large number of people across the globe who have tried this method and got what they asked for. All it takes is desire, hunger, and belief to receive everything you want in life.


The two-cup method can be practiced by anyone and everyone irrespective of age, sex, gender, color, etc. The method is simple and easy to perform therefore no one needs an expert for the same. You can just close your room and practice this method; this will ensure that your mind doesn’t get disturbed in the midst of all these. Two things to keep in mind while doing this are 1) belief that you will have what you want 2) after the process is over remember to live in your desired reality. If any of these two things are not followed you may not get the desired result.

Law of attraction and manifestation exist and have transformed millions of lives across the globe. Your thoughts are the most powerful assets you have in your life. They can either make you or break you. Be careful of what you think. Make sure that you think positively and the best way to do this is through practicing gratitude. Amongst the many methods of manifestation, two cup method is the simplest one. So, follow the steps described above to bring back your ex, to reduce weight, to increase height, to succeed, and to achieve anything and everything.

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