Vision Board Manifestation


Vision board manifestation

Manifestation is the process using which you can bring all your dreams and desires into this real world. I know it is not easy to believe that we can have all that we want or have wanted or will ever want. But trust me, the universe is here to give you everything you need and everything you want. If you are not living a life of your choice or you are unable to reach your goals and targets then you must try your hands at manifestation. Nothing but the manifestation is what will save you from anything and everything.

There are many ways in which you can perform this divine act of manifestation but amongst them, the most interesting one is the vision board manifestation technique. It requires no fancy and expensive things, it is best for someone who is just starting or someone who is into fun, enjoyment, and play. It is both affordable and interesting.

We all know that life is tough and we all are going through something or the other. Our mind has never been at peace and if we continue living like this, I am sure it will never be at peace. All you need to do to get out of this mundane life is to take a step forward towards manifestation. In short what you are required to do is to figure out what you want, write it down and then find a photo related to it. Stick the photo and put all your energy into it and just wait for it to manifest. All you need to do is say yes to the abundance that is waiting for you.  There is nothing you can’t achieve if you believe in manifestation, hear me out again there is nothing you can’t achieve if you believe in manifestation.


Vision Board Manifestation Technique

  • Steps to manifesting: Manifestation needs no fancy steps, instead it can be done in three simple steps. All you have to do is ask, believe and receive. Let me elaborate on it for you, to start manifestation you need to figure out what you want. Then ask the same from the universe, after asking you need to believe that the universe will give you what you asked for. You can’t doubt the fact that whether you will receive it or not because faith and belief are the two most essential pillars of manifestation.
  • Prepare the vision board: Now it’s time to prepare the vision board. Are you excited about it? Even if you are not, just trying it and making the board will make you fall in love with it. Find an image of whatever you want and just stick it on a piece of paper, you can also draw it if you want. For example, you want a house for yourself. Find a house that you want in a magazine or a newspaper or take a printout from the internet. The key here is that the house should look exactly like the one you want. Stick it on a chart paper. You can stick multiple photos on the vision board also.
  • Visualize the ask: Visualization is a catalyst in the process of manifestation. Whatever you need such visualize it. For example, you need a car, start imagining the brand, the color, the quality, and the feel of the car you want. You can also imagine that you are driving your car or people around you are congratulating you for your new car. Visualize the ask and just believe that you already have it. Also, act as if you are already in possession of it.
  • Be present in your life: This again plays a very important role in manifestation. Always remember never to let your past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future. All you need to do is trust the universe, don’t doubt the fact that you will receive it or not. Just be present at the moment and express gratitude for whatever you have. Manifestation when supplemented with gratitude can give you results that you would have never thought about.


Vision board manifestation stories

I know many of you will still doubt the process of manifestation. So, here are two stories that I would like to tell you that will justify my stand that you can achieve anything and everything through the process of manifestation.

A friend of mine was unable to score good marks, irrespective of the paper. He did want to study and score good marks but for some reason, he was never able to do it. In his mind, he had accepted the fact that he will never score good marks. One day he just broke down in front of his mother and his, mother patiently sat there and heard everything he had to say. She could feel that his son’s heart was heavy and letting him speak will make him feel better.

After he was all done, his mother asked him to do few things. Following his mother’s demand, the boy brought his school magazine, a scissor, a glue stick, a big chart paper, and some pencils. On the advice of his mother, he started looking for some images in the magazine that would suit his idea of getting good marks. He found a picture where a child was receiving the first prize, he took that picture and pasted it on the paper. He also made a blackboard on the chart paper and wrote 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rank holders. In front of the 1st rank holder, he wrote his name.

Now his mother told him that every morning after getting up and every night before sleeping just see this board and imagine these things in your mind. For the rest of the day, you can study, play and follow your schedule but don’t let any negative thoughts come to you.

He did this for a month and after a month there he was on the top receiving the trophy for being the 1st rank holder of our class.  It worked for him and it will work for anyone else as manifestation sees no color, no background, and no race.


A colleague of mine wanted a Mercedes when he was 24. But he was just a data operator and had no money to buy it. That was the time when I got to know about manifestation. One day we were sitting together and were having some discussions and in the midst of all this, he told me how badly he wanted a Mercedes. I told him about manifestation but also warned him because I had no idea that whether it works or not, I had just read about it on a few websites.

So, he told me that what’s the problem with giving it a try. I will try and let you know that whether it is worth it or not. He went back home took a photo of a Mercedes and pasted it on paper. The picture he took was the exact car he wanted. The brand, color, and seat quality were similar to the car he wanted. He took the board and hanged it in front of his bed and started visualizing it every time he saw the board. He imagined that he would come to the office in Mercedes, he would go outing in it and all sorts of things.

After three weeks he got a mail saying that his maternal uncle has died due to a disease. Not only this the mail also read that your uncle bought a Mercedes and since he is no more the car is being sent to him as per the legal papers signed by his uncle. After five days the car came and believe me it was the same Mercedes that my friend had stuck on his vision board. I know it is surreal but believes me, it’s true. Manifestation can give you anything and everything you want; you just have to believe that everything is achievable.



The principle of the law of attraction is very simple I don’t understand that why people complicate it so much. All it says is like attracts like, or good things attract good things and bad things attract bad things. So, if your mind is full of positive thoughts, you will attract positive things but if you have negative thoughts going on in your head then you will attract negative things.

Always remember that you get what you focus on. So, always focus on positive things. We all have a dream life, now you may think what is a dream life, it is the life that you always wanted to have but for some reason, you don’t have that. Believe me when I say that your dream life can become your real-life through the process of manifestation and by believing in the law of attraction.

Consider the universe to be Alexa, all you have to do is give the command and the rest will be done by Alexa (in this case the universe). But remember the universe responds to both positive and negative thoughts. So, be careful of what you are thinking and consuming. The life that you are living at the moment is a life that has been created by your thoughts because you are the creator of your universe. Adapt the process of manifestation and live a life that you always wanted to. You were born to win, you were born to achieve great success, you were born to be at the top. So, what are you waiting for, go and have the entire cake for yourself?

Energy flows where attention flows. Fix your attention on positive things and let positive things come to you. The Law of attraction and manifestation is all about faith. If you don’t have faith in the process, you will never receive what you have asked for but if you believe the process and have faith in it you will see the process do wonders for you. Start with something small so that you develop your trust in the process and then you can start asking for the big things that you want.



Vision board manifestation board is a board that can change your life upside down. It is a dream board and it contains all that you want to be and all the things you need to live your dream life. Always make a vision board that represents your vision about you and your life. The board can be regarded as a black and white canvas, that you can paint in whichever way you want. Also, keep in mind that you need not only paste pictures on your vision board you can also draw them or write them.

A manifestation board can be created manually or digitally but it can never be created by someone else. No one knows you the way you know yourself so no one can create an ideal vision board for you except you. It’s a very personal process you can not let anyone else do it for you. Also, how will anyone else know that what kind of life do you want to live, even if you tell them, will you give them all the details? So, if you want to be the driver of your car or for that matter the driver of your own life then you are the one who needs to work hard because someone’s else hard work will never pay you the results.

Also, keep in mind that there is no such rule for creating a vision board. It is a fun activity and you need not follow any rules and regulations to do it. You may only reflect one aspect of your life on the vision board, but you can also reflect multiple aspects on it. Also, you can give a general overview of your entire life on the vision board. Enjoy the process of making a vision board manifestation and take no stress about it. It is a beautiful process with an even more beautiful destination.



It is very easy to make a vision manifestation board and you need no fancy things to make it. Some of the tools that will help you easily make a vision board are chart paper, some magazines, a glue stick, a scissor, some pencils, and some materials to decorate your vision board (only if you want).

All these tools are readily available at home and you don’t have to spend a single penny to buy them. So, start making your manifestation board now and also get ready to live your dream life that you always wanted to live.


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