Intention Journal Manifestation


It is commonly said that you should set your intentions right when you are starting something new. This new can be anything from a new job to a new course to a new year to a new week etc. But I don’t believe this, because to me there is no best time to set your intentions right. You can do it whenever you want.

An intention journal is used to manifest your dreams and desires into reality. This journal compromises your goals, your intentions, and what you want from your life. Don’t get afraid of the word journal, you need no fancy diaries for the same. All you need is a pen/ pencil and a simple notebook to start your intention journal.

Also, there is no specific method that you can follow while writing your journal. An intention journal is a personal belonging just like a secret diary. You can use it in whatever way you want, just choose a way that satisfies your heart. But also keep in mind that what you write in your journal has to be specific and descriptive. You cannot write vague things and expect them to manifest because manifestation happens when you are sure about what you want and what you want to achieve in your life.

There are many ways to manifest your dreams and desires but I prefer an intention journal over them. I have my own reasons for the same. When you write something on a piece of paper you get aligned to positive energy which in turn gives you clarity. Therefore, a clear mind automatically leads to the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

Intention Journal Manifestation

What are Intentions?


Before we dive into an intention journal or how to set our intentions right, we need to understand that what intention means. People confuse intentions with goals. But always keep in mind that these two words are very different from each other. They have different meanings and also different usage in all circumstances.

On one hand, a goal is something that you want to accomplish. It comes with an end date and the result of your goals is also measurable. For example, you want to lose 10 kg weight. To achieve the same, you go on a diet and even start exercising. After one month you stand on the weight machine and you see that you have lost 10 kg. So, your goal of losing 10 kg came with an end date that is one month, and also the result was measurable. In short, a goal is something that you want to accomplish or achieve in a stipulated time.

On the other hand, the intention is a way of living. It has no end date because intention accompanies you till your last breath. That is why it is said that work on your intention and set them right from the very beginning. The intention is who you want to be or how you want people to perceive you. It can also deal with how you want to show up in front of a group of people or for that matter in front of yourself.

Creating Intentions

Creating Intentions

Creating intention is a personal process, you need to do it by yourself. But while doing it there are few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Have a personal intention. Don’t copy it from somewhere or don’t take it from someone else. Your intentions should purely be developed by you. Take suggestions from everywhere but in the end, do what you think is correct for you. No one knows you the way you know yourself. So, trust no one but you.
  • Always positively write your intentions. Never rely on negative words while framing your intentions. Also, choose to write in the present tense rather than writing in the future tense. This will tell the universe that you already believe that you will receive everything you are asking for. This will help you manifest your desires quickly.
  • Keep on changing your intentions so that it evolves every now and then. For example, you want to live a life full of happiness. You can evolve this intention by writing that I want to live a happy life by being kind to others.
  • Short-term intentions are the best and will also help you fulfill your purpose. We all have experienced that how we make huge plans for ourselves every new year but fail to accomplish them. To avoid failure the best thing we can do is to take baby steps. These steps will finally help us reach our destination.
  • The intention should always be accompanied by gratitude. When intention and gratitude work together the probability of getting what you want increases by three to four times. So, never forget to thank the universe for what you have and what you will be receiving. This helps you get anything and everything you want from yourself and your life.

Steps to Follow While Using Intention Journal

Intention Journal

There is no one correct way to use the intention journal, you can do it in whatever way you want. But still below are some steps that you can use for your reference.

  • Decide what you want: Decide and specify what you want. For example, you are looking for financial security, then you cannot just mention in your intention journal that you want to be rich. This is not how an intention journal works, you need to describe and specify everything you want. Mention how much money you want, by how much time you want, how will you get it, etc. The clearer you write the clearer your mind will become. And a clear mind will speed up the process of manifestation.
  • Don’t write what you don’t want: Always write what you want and not what you don’t want. For example, if you write, I don’t want debts, what will happen is that manifestation will ignore the don’t and give you more debts. Instead of writing, I don’t want debts, write I am grateful for the financial abundance that I have and I am intending to receive more of it. Always keep in mind that manifestation ignores words like don’t, can’t, no, etc. So, don’t use these words in your journal. Also, write your affirmations or intention in the present tense and not the future tense, which I have already mentioned.
  • Have a check on the words you use: Never use words like try and but, these words create doubt in your mind and therefore hinder the process of setting your intentions right. Try is a word that is significantly very different from the word do. When you say I will do that work it means that you are sure that you will do it. But when you say you will try to do it, it means that you already have multiple doubts in your mind. Also, when you use but to join two sentences the first sentence automatically loses its meaning and stands void. Only the second statement will hold value and nothing else.
  • Believe: Once you have written your intentions and affirmations make sure you believe them. Having belief in what you are asking for is the key to manifestation. If your intention seems unbelievable then start with something small or with something that looks reasonable to you. Do it one or two times and finally when you develop trust in the process, start with your big intentions. Trust me that belief will help you manifest anything and everything.
  • Blurts: Blurts are nothing but the negative thought that pops up in your head when you are writing your intention journal. You need to figure the blurts and rewrite or rephrase them each time they come to you. Firstly, acknowledge the blurt and then draw a circle in your intention journal. Write your blurt in the circle and imagine that the circle is a container that is meant to carry toxic things. Read the blurt and see if it is of any use to you or if it will help you grow. Most probably the answer will be no. Now rephrase it and try to convert it into a positive affirmation. Do it again and again because you need to counter the blurts whenever it comes to your mind.
  • Generate the feeling: You need to write your intentions in your intention journal as many times as you can. The reason behind the same is that this process will help you generate feelings for your intentions. Once you have acquired the feeling the law of attraction will start working for you.
  • Gratitude: Always mention gratitude in your intention journal. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of gratitude. It puts you in a different position. Being thankful for what you have enables you to receive more things to be thankful for. Gratitude is the highest vibrational feeling that you can have. It also sets your intentions right and takes you one step closer to your dreams and desires. Adding gratitude to your intention journal will make you more ready to receive everything you have been asking for. So, never forget to be thankful for anything and everything you have.
  • Meditate: Now comes the last step, which is to meditate. Once you have written your intentions clearly, it’s time to meditate on them. Read your intentions and visualize how it will look. Meditation is all about inhaling, exhaling, and focusing. So, when you are inhaling try to take in all the positive things and all the inspirations around you. While exhaling makes sure you exhale all the negativity and toxicity that is stopping you from achieving your dreams and desires. This simple process will enable you to manifest everything you have in your mind.

Why Intention Journal?


There are many ways to manifest your dreams ranging from the pillow method to the vision board. Then why intention journal? This is a question that came to my mind a few years ago and maybe this question has also popped up in your mind. There are many reasons to choose an intention journal over any other manifesting method. Some of the reasons have been mentioned below:

  • Journal gives you enough time and the ability to evaluate your intentions and desires. When you write your intentions on a piece of paper you can analyze them anywhere and everywhere.
  • Also, it has been proven that when you write something you hold yourself accountable for the same. So, when you write your intentions on a piece of paper you hold yourself accountable for them. In this way, you can become the creator of your own life and receive everything you want in your life.
  • When you write your intentions, you become less judgmental and more compassionate towards yourself. In today’s high-paced world, we have put so much pressure on us that we have forgotten to show some kindness to ourselves. It’s high time we show some kindness and love towards ourselves. The best way to do this is through an intention journal.
  • The intention journal helps you to track your progress. For example, you can evaluate how much have you progressed from the first day to say the 30th This helps you make plans for yourself and also analyze what mistakes you are making.


Write your goals

Once you have written everything in your journal now it’s time to add positive energy to the same. But how can one add positive energy to one’s intention? The process is quite simple you just have to repeat your intentions daily and as much time as you can. Don’t stop and don’t give up just keep repeating what you want.

Meditate on your intention and visualize it. As has been mentioned above this will help you manifest your dreams and desires quickly. Also, don’t forget to have belief in what you are asking for. Remember belief is to manifestation what hard work is to success.

Tell whatever you want to the universe and believe me you will receive all of it. It is better to tell everything to the universe rather than telling it to the people. The Law of attraction was made to work for you, it has been there since the beginning and it will last till the end. Like your goal, it doesn’t come with any end date. You just have to think of what you want and follow some simple steps that have been mentioned above to receive all of them. Always remember that with your intentions you need to look forward and not backward.


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