The Pillow Method Manifestation Explained

How to manifest through Pilow Method

We all are running at a high pace, trying to build a future that has no certainty. We all dream of money, a house, cars, success, fame, good relationships, etc.; however, sometimes it gets tough for us to believe that we can have the entire cake for ourselves. Don’t worry, in this article, you will get to know a technique through which you can not only have the entire cake but also eat it. It is a one-word method called MANIFESTATION but has unlimited power. This can help you achieve anything and everything you want.

What is manifesting?

It is a technique that helps you turn your dreams into reality by changing and altering your thoughts and emotions. There are numerous ways in which you can manifest your dreams and bring the law of attraction to work. Amongst the multiple manifestation methods, the pillow method is a simple technique with little fuss. You don’t need much understanding for it. The pillow method can be used by anyone and everyone.

Pillow Method Manifestation

Manifest Your Dreams in Six Simple Steps

Set a clear goal

The pillow method starts with the idea of having a clear goal in mind. The famous author Constance Lane Arnold says,

When you are truly clear about what you want, the whole universe stands on tiptoe waiting to assist you in miraculous and amazing ways to manifest your dream or intention.”

I believe in manifestation because I have experienced it. Similarly, you will believe in it when you experience it. So, start with something small and see how the manifesting magic works for you. Once you have started to believe in manifestation you can now ask for as much bigger things as you want.

Set a clear goal


You want a car for yourself. Now, the first thing that you need to do is to have a fixed goal in your mind. Think about the color of the car, its brand, its outlook, its comfort, and everything else. Always remember the universe will only manifest everything for you when your mind is clear. If your goal is vague, then what you receive from the universe will also be vague. Setting a goal is not enough, believing in it is what will give you the results. So, never set a goal that you don’t believe in.

Write your goal on a piece of paper

Now, when you know what you want from the universe, write it down on a piece of paper. Here are some tips that you can follow while writing your