Ravana Mantra: Power and Benefits

What most of the people don’t know is that Ravana was a very wise man. He was a very big devotee of Lord Shiva and thus, he prayed to him even to get the Siddhis he wanted. Along with that, he was a very knowledgeable person and thus, when you chant his Mantra, you achieve desired success.

A lot of Hindus are going to hate doing this, but the kind of power Ravana Mantra has is unbelievable. There are thousands of people who chant his Mantra to get desired results, especially related to wealth in their life.

Ravana Mantra

Who was Ravana?

Ravana was the King of Sri Lanka and despite his ill-deeds, he is still praised and prayed too in major parts of Sri Lanka because of the wisdom he carried. He was a mind-born son of Lord Brahma and was known for the kind of devotion he had for Lord Shiva. Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama in a battle because he had kidnapped Lord Rama’s wife, Goddess Seeta.  Nevertheless, he was praised as one of the Saptarishi (greatest Seven Sages) in the age of Manu.

Power of Ravana Mantra:

Ravana was blessed with not only knowledge, but also materialistic wealth. He was so rich that he wanted to gift a Temple made of Gold to Lord Shiva, since he was the biggest devotee of this God during his era. Another story also states that Lord Shiva had gifted Ravana the Golden Lanka. His Mantra has the power to make anyone rich.

When you chant Ravana Mantra, you are connecting with the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva and thus, you get your wish fulfilled. However, it is important for you to have just one wish at a time so that you can focus on having your dream fulfilled in a better way.


Laam Laam Laam Lankaadhipatye Leem Leem Leem Lankesh Loom Loom Loom Jivhaan,

Sheeghra Aagach Aagach Chadranhaas Khaden Mam Shatrun Virdaaray Virdaaray Maaray Maaray Kaatay Kaatay Hoon Phat Swaha ||

The above Mantra has to be chanted for 108 times during Vijayadashami (Dussehra). It is said that this Mantra was written by Ravana himself before he lost the battle and his life to Lord Rama.


  1. Chanting Ravana Mantra brings you closer to Lord Shiva, due to all the determination he had for this Lord all throughout his life.
  2. Just like Ravana was extremely rich, chanting the Mantra he wrote can bring some wealth to your life as well. It is like an instant money magnet.
  3. Chanting Ravana Mantra can bring prosperity not only to you, but also to people around you. It is like you help others grow along with you. You can chant this Mantra for financial benefits of a family member too, just like any other Mantra.



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