How to Energize Sphatik Mala?

There are different kinds of beads and Jaap Maala available in the market. No matter what kind of a Maala you have, there are definitely certain benefits you are enjoying, without even knowing about the same. Whether you are using a Chandan (Sandalwood) Maala or a Rudraksh Maala, everything single bead gets energized by every single chant that you say holding the same.

What is Sphatik?

Sphatik Maala is not something that everyone carries; the worst thing is people are not even aware of such kind of a material. However, those who are aware of this material and the benefits of using the same for chanting, prefer using the same. Sphatik is a beautiful crystal. It is a white and clear stone that’s also known as Quartz.

Sphatik Mala

Benefits of Sphatik:

  1. There are a lot of Sphatik Shiv Lingas available in the market. Since this material is beautiful and crystal clear, it is a different feeling to stare at it and meditate on Lord Shiva. You can use a Sphatik Shiva Linga to practice Trataka Meditation as well. Let it be in front of you and look at it for as long as you can. This improves concentration skills.
  2. Sphatik Rosary Beads are used as Jaapa Maala. You can use the Maala to chant any Mantra of your choice. They are cold and make you feel amazing when they are between your fingers as you chant on the same.
  3. If you wear a Sphatik Maala, you get a sound sleep. All the worries and thoughts that dance into your mind, when you are trying to sleep at night, are fought by the power in the Sphatik Beads. They ensure a goodnight sleep to you. If you have been facing sleeping disorders or insomnia in general, wear this Maala can surely help.
  4. Sphatik Maala is known to keep your body cool. It also has an amazing benefit on your mind. It keeps you calm. Those who are short-tempered should definitely wear a Jaap Maala of Sphatik Beads. It would keep their minds calmer and help them in controlling their temper.
  5. Sphatik is known for boosting sexual powers.
  6. This stone has healing properties. Wearing its Maala gives you immense spiritual boosting, cleansing and stability.
  7. Sphatik is known to help you balance your body and mind by reducing your stress levels.

Energizing a Sphatik Maala:

In order to energize a Sphatik Maala, you have to take the help of Mantra. Wash it under the running water on the first day, sit with your legs crossed on the floor, hold the Maala and and chant the following Mantra:

Aim Hreem Shreem Kleem  ||

Ensure to touch all the 108 beads of the Sphatik Jaap Maala you want to energize. The pronunciation of each and every word in the Mantra has to be very clear and accurate.

The chanting has to be done for 40 days, after which you can wear it all the time you want. Until then, you need to chant and keep it back into the temple of your house.



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