A Safe Witchcraft Spell to Make Someone Love You

Have you been trying to get someone love you? Do you think they like you, but you have no patience to wait until their ‘like’ turns into ‘love?’ Would you want to do something to speed up your manifestation powers?

Then there is only one thing that can help you – Witchcraft!

No – you don’t have to contact a witch or a wizard to get someone to love you, but keep believing in the power that you have within yourself. It is quite easy for you to do a few witchcraft spells to get the best version out of someone you like. But not all of them are safe, since they may bounce back on you, making you more desperate than ever before.

However, here is the safest witchcraft spell that you can do to make someone fall in love with you:

The Parchment Paper Spell

Things you need: Two small pieces of parchment paper, one pink candle, one large piece of parchment paper, one wooden pencil and a few matchsticks made of wood.

  • This spell is easy and safe. You have to begin with casting your spell circle.
  • Light the pink candle you have with the help of a wooden matchstick. Make sure you don’t use a lighter for this spell.
  • Now write your name on one of the small pieces of parchment paper and your lover’s name on the other small piece of parchment paper.
  • With the help of the wooden pencil, draw a heart around the names.
  • With the help of the candle, drop the wax on top of the hearts and while doing so, make sure you focus hard on what, or who, you want.
  • Feel like your crush has a sudden urge to be with you; like they want to talk to you urgently and take you out on a date to see you. Build such a strong energy that you get what your heart desires.
  • Use the larger piece of parchment paper by writing both of your names together.
  • Now draw a huge circle around both the names (not individually this time).
  • With the help of the candle, drop wax on the names that you have drawn.
  • Again, make sure you focus hard so that you seal the names together with the belief that you have in your heart.
  • Once the circle is covered, blow off the candle and chant:

“So transfer my will, my spell has been heard, as I will, so mode it be.”

  • Wrap the larger paper around the smaller papers and donate them to nature.
  • You can bury them, put them into a river or lake or ocean, or simply burn them and put the ashes in a plant or put them into the water.
  • Light the rest of the candle on the full moon night until it is completely burnt.
  • You have to keep believing in this spell since it is the very step in making any spell work for you.

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