5 Mantras for Attractive Personality

Who doesn’t want to look pretty? Who doesn’t want to be the center of attraction? Well, the answer is almost everyone.  There are various beauty products, fashionable clothing, or exercise equipment available in the market to improve your personality. All these things will be going to give you an attractive outer beauty but what about the inner beauty? Every person wants to have an attractive personality both in terms of inner and outer beauty and you all will be surprised to know that there are several Vedic mantras for an attractive personality. Now, you must be wondering how these mantras can help you to gain an attractive personality. Well, these are very powerful mantras that are mentioned in Hindu Vedic cultures which help to create a positive aura to develop all the good qualities which are required for an attractive personality. These mantras are not only known in Hindu Vedic culture but also hold a special place in several other cultures like Jainism, Buddhism, and many more. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most famous and powerful Vedic mantras that will help you to gain an attractive personality. All these mantras must be recited with pure devotion and dedication for amazing results. There are various benefits of reciting this powerful mantra and all these benefits have been mentioned below. Let’s read further to know details regarding these mantras along with their benefits.

 Mantras for Attractive Personality

1. Surya Mantra

One of the oldest and most powerful mantras to improve the personality is to chant the “Surya Mantra.” This powerful mantra helps to overcome various skin issues like rashes, and pigments, and also helps to control hair fall. Many people all over the world chant this mantra for an attractive personality. While following a routine of chanting this mantra, a proper focus should also be done on food intake and avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoking. This mantra helps to bring the positive energies of Surya into the body so that all the toxins from the body are removed. This mantra is not only chanted in Hindu culture but also holds a very important place in several other cultures like Buddhism, Jainism, and many more. This mantra should be recited in the morning while sitting under the sun after taking bath. It must be recited 108 times using a red sandalwood mala. Through this, it will help to bring several positive changes in your life. It will remove all the negativities from your life and help to focus only on good things which will help in overall development. There are several benefits of reciting this powerful mantra and some of them have been mentioned below. Let’s read further to know the details.

Benefits of Surya Mantra

  • Gift of Beauty

Mantras are beautiful spiritual words that are often spoken to bring magical changes to their lives. Different mantras have several benefits and out of all these, the “Surya Mantra” is one of the most amazing mantras also known as the “Gift of Beauty.” This mantra helps to overcome several skin issues, mental health issues, physical health issues, and many more. Reciting the Surya mantra is highly recommended in various cultures, especially in Hindu culture. It is believed that practicing this mantra gives the gift of beauty to the devotees which ultimately helps to have an attractive personality. Your skin will start glowing, your hair will grow, and your overall health will improve. Not only this but your mind will also get free from various negative and unwanted toxic thoughts and you would be able to focus well on good things in life. So, this powerful mantra should be recited with pure devotion and dedication.

  • Improves the health

The Surya mantra is one of the most common mantras in the Hindu culture, and that is usually performed by people for several reasons. It improves the overall health of the person. Having good health is very important to having an attractive personality. If your health is not fine, you won’t be able to look good as outer beauty always comes if you are healthy from the inside. For this, reciting this powerful mantra is very important. It not only improves the outer beauty but also results in improving the inner beauty of the person, thus improving the overall health conditions. It helps to get rid of various health issues that act as hindrances in gaining good health. It also helps to keep your mind calm and focused so that your mental peace can be maintained and you would remain happy and cheerful. This mantra should be recited 108 times while sitting under the sun for amazing results.

  • Opens up the chakras

Chakras are the energy points of the body for each organ to work properly that ultimately help in improving the physical and mental health of a person. It is believed that reciting these mantras helps to open up all these chakras of the body that helps to receive the positive energies for the proper functioning of organs. It helps the person to follow the path of spirituality that ultimately leads to a spiritual awakening. These mantras also help in improving the intellectual skills that are very important for an attractive personality and reciting this “Surya Mantra” brings wonders to the life of people. By reciting this powerful mantra, all your chakras will get cleaned and you would be able to focus on good things in life. Your overall health would improve and you would only attract good things in life. So, this is one of the magical mantras that can bring several good changes in your life.


Surya Mantra

 ॐ घृणी सूर्याय नमः”

In English,

Om Ghrini Suryay Namah”

2. Chandra Mantra

This mantra helps to bring out the real beauty of a person by removing all the toxic thoughts, negativity, and stress. The body of a person feels light after all this toxicity is removed from the body. This mantra should be recited 108 times at night under the full moon (pooranmashi). This mantra should be recited while lighting a ghee lamp or Diya under the full moon. This mantra is also recited for protection purposes as apart from improving the overall personality of a person, it has several other benefits too. It increases overall confidence, improves personality, increases self-confidence, and many more. This mantra improves inner beauty along with outer beauty. It helps to bring calmness to your soul and helps to focus well on good things in life. This powerful mantra is recited with pure intentions all over the world for its amazing results. Your mind should always be free from various toxic