Everything you Need to Know About Mantra Diksha

Have you been told about Mantra Diksha quite a few times, but you have no idea what it means?

If you have always been fascinated towards Mantras, you may have heard of the importance of having a Guru. A Guru is the one who can help you attain Siddhis in a safer, quicker and better way. Nevertheless, in case you do not find a good Guru for yourself, do not be disappointed. When you are really ready and the Divine Timing has arrived, the Guru will automatically be sent into your life. These are the things decided by the Energy you strongly believe in.

The meaning of Mantra Diksha is quite simple. It is a pious or sacred word, even just a sound or a whole phrase itself, that’s given by a Guru to his Shishya or disciple. It is to initiate the Sadhana of the Sadhak. The word Diksha means “initiation” in Sanskrit. Indirectly, it also means “self-devotion to the Guru or God.” However, there is more to just random meanings to these two words.

Mantra Diksha

Mantra Diksha is more like a ceremony in which the Sadhak or the disciple is encouraged to enter into a new stage in his life; this stage is for his spiritual enlightenment or a religious path. In fact, it is a combination of both.

Who Selects Mantra Diksha?

Mantra Diksha is supposed to be done by the Guru himself. He is supposed to find that one word, phrase or sound that is going to push the Sadhak towards his enlightenment path and journey and bring effortless knowledge in his Chakras. With the help of an exclusive and special Mantra, the Guru transmits spiritual energy into his disciple. This way, the Sadhak can attain Siddhis and knowledge in a quicker way.

7 Chakras

What Happens During the Mantra Diksha Ceremony?

The Guru gives a Jaap Maala (a rosary of special kinds of prayer beads) to his disciple. Either he sits alone to host the ceremony for the sake of his disciple’s brand new path, or there is a whole group of Gurus. The energy felt during such a ceremony is quite remarkable and such an experience can never be forgotten by the Sadhak.

Without a proper Guru, it is quite difficult for you to find your path. We don’t say it is impossible, but it is just that the Guru provides you with the exact map that you need to attain enlightenment in a better way. Also, it is not that you have to do nothing when you have a Guru with you; it is just that he guides you when guidance is necessary and thus, attaining success becomes inevitable.

If you find a truly enlightened Guru for yourself, consider yourself lucky. This is because only a true Guru has the right energy to help you with your journey. Questions like, “who am I?” and “what is my life’s purpose?” can easily be answered by your Guru. He knows it all, for he has been through the journey too.


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