A Guide to Maran Mantra

If you believe in Mantras, you have either experienced their powers or are planning to begin chanting the same. Unless you believe in Mantras and their powers, they are not going to affect your life in any way. Just like the pronunciation of Mantras has to be perfect to gain things in life, believing them is needed too. Without faith, nothing works – not even any relationship. Therefore, having faith in what you do and what you chant is very important.

There is one thing that a lot of people are tired of – the enemies who cause problems in their lives. Sometimes, you can shun away your enemies because they are either complete strangers or once upon a time friends. On the other hand, there are enemies who are very sweet to you on your face, but you know all they have is venom for you behind your back. You know they have stabbed you several times. You know they are talking behind your back and causing troubles to you. You know they are doing wrong magic on you and are the reason behind your destruction. However, there is nothing you can do right on their face. Maran mantra

This is where Maran Mantra can help you with what you are looking for. However, before we share the Mantra with you, it is important for you to certain things.

Things to Remember:

  1. Maran Mantra should be the LAST THING to use to destroy an enemy. It is a very dangerous Mantra and should be taken seriously. It should not be casted for “fun” or just to test its powers.
  2. The pronunciation of Maran Mantra should be learned before you begin chanting it. Pronunciation of any Mantra is extremely important.
  3. This Mantra is not for someone who has no idea about what meditation is and how Mantras are supposed to be used. It is for someone who has been working with Mantras for some time and has benefitted from the same.
  4. One must know how to tap into the right frequency and vibration in order to make this Mantra work. Some say that it requires efforts of at least 10 years to get this Mantra working in the right manner. However, it all depends upon how spiritually smart, active and enlightened you are.
  5. Lastly, there is nothing worse than Karma. If you believe in the concept of Karma, do not use Maran Mantra. If you use your powers to kill someone who is genuine to others, you might end up being hit by your own Karma in the end. Also, there are chances for such Mantras to backfire right at you.


Om Visvaay Naam Gandharvalochni Naami Lousatikarnai Tasmai Vishwaay Swaha ||


One can attain Siddhi of this Mantra by standing naked in the water and chanting it 1000 times. After this, one has to do Dashansh Havan, which means you need to pick some water in your folded palms and put it back into the water by reciting the Mantra. It has to be done 100 times. All throughout the time, you have to keep the name of your enemy right in your mind.



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