Chandra Beej Mantra: Power, Advantages and Procedure

The word Chandra means Moon. Chandra Dev is one of the most important deities in Hindu Mythology. It is also a major part of the nine planets, popularly known as Navagraha. He is the son of Atri and Anusuya. There are problems that happen to you when you are undergoing adverse effects of moon as a planet. This is when you have to learn about Chandra Dev, his powers, the most important Mantra of Chandra Dev (which is the Chandra Beej Mantra) and the ways in which you can attain his blessings.

 Lord Chandra


  1. Chandra Dev is said to influence the brain and mind of an individual. Therefore, his Mantra has the power to stabilize the thoughts your mind has.
  2. The Mantra mentioned in this article has the power to boost your imagination. It is one of the best Mantras for artists, especially those who are into original artworks.
  3. The Chandra Beej Mantra is said to influence Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs the most in a positive way.
  4. The Mantra has the power to influence the intuitive perspective of an individual. It also enhances the intuitive skill.


  1. The most important thing that the Chandra Beej Mantra does is that it changes the perception of an individual into a positive one. For an instance, if you have been having negative thoughts constantly, it is because your mind is playing with you. In order to change your perception towards your life and the situations you are in, Chandra Beej Mantra is brought into the picture. It makes you more positive.
  2. If you are looking to awaken your intuitive abilities, Chandra Beej Mantra can surely help. It helps you progress in your path of spirituality, focusing around your Third Eye Chakra.
  3. If you are extremely moody, Chandra Beej Mantra helps in balancing your mood and keeping you positive. It gives you strength to handle situations where you tend to become overly sensitive.
  4. Chandra Beej Mantra is said to improve relations with others. It is also said to be good to invoke unconditional love towards someone in your life.


Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sahah Chandraaye Namah ||


Step 1: Begin chanting the Mantra on the night of full moon. Full moon is said to have its very own powers. If you can chant in open (or the terrace of your building), well and good; if not, you can chant inside your house as well.

Step 2: Take a Jaap Maala and recite or chant the mentioned Mantra for 108 times. You need to do is 108 times in a row.

Step 3: Repeat the above steps for at least 21 days.

Please note that even though Mantras are chanted to test the magic of the Universe, there is nothing bigger than the Divine Timing. It takes at least 5 to 10 days for a specific Mantra to show its affect in the life of an individual and thus, patience is very important.

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