10 Powerful Mantras To Cure Fever

Did you know that you could treat your fever with the help of mantras?

Yes – there are a lot of powerful Hindu mantras that can be chanted and heard when you are down with a fever. There are different kinds of fever, and the most surprising thing is that there are different types of mantras for healing all.

Before we tell you about some of the most powerful mantras that can help you get rid of your fever, it is essential for you to know what exactly a mantra is.

  • A mantra is nothing but a word or a specific sound that’s constantly repeated to improve concentration when you meditate.
  • When you chant a specific mantra, it allows you to focus on your inner self and lets you achieve the state of tranquillity.
  • Meditation is much more than you can imagine and when you chant these mantras, you can experience miracles in your life.
  • One of such miracles is getting healed, despite a high fever.
  • No doubt you should consider medical assistance immediately when you are down with fever, but if you keep chanting or listen to Hindu mantras along with your medicines, you are bound to recover quicker than you can ever imagine.

Here are the top Lal Kitab remedies, the ten powerful mantras that can be chanted to cure your fever:

1. Curing Fever Mantra


This is the magic mantra to reduce heat in a person’s body. If you are going through a bad fever that is making you feel uncomfortable, these are the words that you need to chant. While chanting, focus on the way you breathe. With every inhale, breathe in positive healing energy and with every exhale, release negative toxins from your body.

2. Mantra for Relief

Fever Mantra

This mantra is helpful for getting relief from the shivering that is being caused to the person due to high fever. For this, a clove is to be bound by reciting this mantra. After eating this clove, the shivering would get stopped.

3. Mantra To Remove Fever


This is a very powerful mantra that can help you get rid of your fever due to fear. There are times when you are so scared of something that you fall ill, this is the time when medicines take long to work. During such situations, chanting this mantra can help as it helps in conquering fear.

4. Mantra For Relieving Fever

Mantra For Relieving Fever

Give three leaves of the betel Indian pepper plant (Paan) along with one clove each to eat to the person suffering from fever after binding these with this mantra. Recite it like a question. This mantra will help for reliving the fever of the sick person.

5. Recovery Mantra

Mantra for Fever

The mantra is very beneficial for early recovery from fever. It should be chanted as many times as possible every day till the fever is gone. If the patient is a child who can not recite the mantra, then someone can sit beside the child and recite this mantra.

6. Curing Illness Mantra

Curing Fever Mantra

This mantra should be chanted for curing the illness of a night fever. A root of the corn plant has to be bound by holding the corn root in your hand and chanting this mantra 21 times. Tie this corn on the hand of the ill person. This will cure the illness occurred due to fever.

7. Mantra For Healing:


A simple yet miracle mantra that can bring back the positive vibes into your body! As you chant this mantra, make sure you feel the healing energy coming down to your Crown Chakra and opening all of the energy centers in your spine. There is another way in which you can chant this mantra, and that is by holding a glass of clean drinking water between your hands and repeating this mantra 10 to 15 times. After you have passed healing energies to the water, it is charged. Give it to the patient or drink it yourself, if you are suffering from fever.

8. High Fever Mantra

High Fever Mantra

This mantra is surely helpful to someone suffering from high fever. Write this mantra on on a blank white paper without lines and put as an amulet in black cloth and strung by black thread. Put this amulet around the neck of the sick person.

9. Narasimha Mantra

Narashimha Mantra

This Narasimha Mantra is most effective for removing the fever. Worship Lord Narasimha before chanting this powerful mantra. Check this video and know the complete procedure of chanting Narasimha Mantra:

10. Indrakshi Devi Gayatri Mantra

Indrakshi Devi Gayatri Mantra

Indrakshi Devi Gayatri Mantra is the prayer addressed to Goddess Indrakshi Durga form of Adi Parashakti. Regularly chanting this mantra will help to get rid of any fever and ensure that you live a healthy life. Check out this video of Indrakshi Devi Gayatri Mantra:

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