Best Siddhi Mantra to Acquire Wealth

Not sure what you are lacking in life?

If you are unable to gain materialistic happiness, maybe it is time for you to realize the blockages you have around your aura. If things are not happening the way you want them to, it is time for you to bring the power of Mantras into your life. The moment you start believing in the power of Mantras is the moment you are agreeing to bring immense wealth into your life, if that is the purpose to chant the Mantras.

Siddhi Mantra to Acquire Wealth

No doubt there are various Mantras to attain wealth, but we are here with the most powerful Mantra for you. This Mantra is easy to remember, recite and chant. Also, we would like to tell you about how you can chant this Mantra and what you need to remember while you are in the process of manifesting wealth. Let us begin with the Mantra, first.


Om Shring Shriye Namah ||


  1. Begin chanting from a full moon night.
  2. Get any Jaap Maala for yourself. If you can find a lotus seed Jaap Mala, there is nothing like it.
  3. Sit in a lotus position.
  4. Now chant the above mentioned Mantra for one complete round of your Jaap Mala. This means you will do the Mantra for 108 times. If you can, do it for five rounds of your Jaap Mala. You will chant for 108X5 times every single day.
  5. You have to repeat the above mentioned process for at least 11 days – whether you are chanting the Mantra for one round of your Jaap Mala or five rounds. Ensure you are doing with all the power you have in your heart.

Things to do During the Process of Wealth Manifestation through Mantra Chanting:

  1. If you can get a picture of Goddess Lakshmi, place it in front of you while chanting the Mantra. When you recite a specific Mantra by looking at the picture of the Goddess you want to bring into your life, it brings more power to you and your Mantra as well. Your manifestation becomes stronger.
  2. If you do not have the picture of Goddess Lakshmi, sit in front of a blank wall and as you chant, imagine the figure of money you want to manifest. Focus on that figure by seeing it on the blank wall. You can even write the figure or amount on a white board and concentrate on the same. Imagine the exact amount being manifested into your bank account. Imagine a large bundle of money in your wallet and in the wallet of each and every person in your family.
  3. If you get a picture of the Goddess, try placing pink lotus in front of the same. It is a way to offer gratitude to the Goddess way before she helps you in the manifestation process for the wealth you need.
  4. Always remember it is important to be satisfied with the money you have in your hands. The more satisfied you are, the more money will flow into your life.


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