4 Bhadrakali Mantras: Power, Advantages and Procedure

If you want to see the most fiery and courageous avatar of Goddess Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva), it is time for you to know about Goddess Bhadrakali. If you read the story of all the avatars of Goddess Parvati, you would notice Bhadrakali’s name over and over again. It is because of the battles she has fought, the stories she has created with her presence and also the way she has eradicated evil several times in this world during different eras.


Goddess Bhadrakali is majorly worshipped in Kerala as Sri Bhadrakali and Kariam Kali Murti Devi. She is seen as someone who can change the worshipper’s destiny and thus, is prayed to by majority of the people in this state of India. Nevertheless, those who understand the importance of being courageous to achieve their dreams and believe in this Shakti Roop of Goddess Parvati worship her, regardless of their location. If you use Mantras to invoke Goddess Bhadrakali within yourself, call her in front of you and take her support to achieve your dreams, you manifest your goals with fewer difficulties.


  1. Bhadrakali Mantras have the power to destroy enemies that have been troubling you. Of course Karma works, but there are times when you want to get rid of someone who has been causing a lot of trauma to you. To destroy such a person, you have to bring Bhadrakali into the process by chanting her Mantras.
  2. Bhadrakali is a Kuldevi of a lot of Hindus around the globe. They chant her Mantra for the protection of their family members and the overall betterment of their lives.
  3. Bhadrakali Mantras have the power to give salvation (Moksha) to you. If you seek spiritual enlightenment, chanting this Goddess’ Mantra can bring a lot of positive energies into your life.
  4. Bhadrakali Mantras are very important for Tantra Vidya and thus, the Aghoris and Tantra practitioners chant them on a daily basis.



Om  Hraum Kali MahaKali KiliKile Phat Swaha॥


Om Kreem Kaali ||


Om Kring Kaalikaaye Namo Namah ||


Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Eshwari Swaha ||


  1. The most important thing that Bhadrakali Mantras do is protect you from the evil eyes. If you constantly fall ill with no early symptoms of a specific problem and the same illness catches you over and over again during important occasions of your life, you may hear people saying “Nazar Lag Gai Hai” or “you are going through Nazar Dosh.” Thanks to Bhadrakali Mantras, you can build a protection shield around you from all those who envy you.
  2. Bhadrakali destroys not only external enemies, but also the internal ones. Lust, anger or short-temperedness, greed, etc. are some of the ugliest internal enemies humans have to face. If you chant Bhadrakali Mantras on a daily basis, you get rid of these negative emotions.
  3. Goddess Bhadrakali may look fearsome, but she was created to support Veerbhadra (her consort and a very important avatar of Lord Shiva) for the destruction of evil. Thus, when she is prayed to, you receive immense courage to gain everything that you want.
  4. The worst thing towards spiritual enlightenment is negative egos. Bhadrakali Mantras help in getting rid of these negative egos and attitude.


Step 1: Take a bath and wash your hair so that you are externally cleansed before the process of internal cleansing through Goddess Bhadrakali Mantras.

Step 2: Now sit in front of an idol or picture of this Goddess so that you can concentrate on her more to invoke her within your heart. You can offer flowers to her so that you welcome her with gratitude in your soul.

Step 3: Take a Jaap Maala and chant any of the above mentioned Mantras for at least 108 times.

Step 4: Repeat the above mentioned process for a period of 21 days at least. After then, you can continue for as long as you want.

If you want to literally feel her around or inside of you, meditate on your Third Eye for at least 10 minutes after chanting her Mantra(s). Once the meditation is over, ask for the wish in your heart and with grace, Goddess Bhadrakali will give you what you truly desire. If you have lesser time and you can’t meditate, ask for your wish right after finishing the chanting of the Mantra.

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