Kubera Yantra: Power and Benefits

Lord Kubera is known as the King of Nature Spirits (Yakshas). He has gained immense popularity because he is the God of Wealth. The wealth that’s dispersed in the Universe by Goddess Lakshmi is under the custody of Kubera. Thus, Hindus pray to Lord Kubera when they need financial abundance in their lives. No matter how hard finances have been, Lord Kubera has the power to give you what you have been missing in your life.

Lord Kubera



  • Kubera Yantra is generally used by a lot of spiritual people, who meditate on a regular basis. The moment you lay your eyes upon the center of this Mantra, the energy starts flowing into you.
  • Kubera Yantra is known to break the blocks you have been facing all this while. The financial blocks your life has been trapping you with can be broken with the power of this Lord’s Yantra.
  • Kubera Yantra boosts financial manifestation since it helps you in tapping the frequency of the vibration of your goal. Kubera Yantra


  • This Yantra is known to attract finance or the monetary figure you have in your mind. You just need to believe in this Yantra and continue manifesting your desires.
  • If your old sources of income are stuck, this Yantra ensures to bring new financial opportunities and sources to your doorstep.
  • This Yantra not only promotes new opportunities and financial gains, but also savings. In today’s era, not everyone is able to save the money they earn. Thanks to this Yantra, you can save more money.
  • Gathering wealth becomes possible, thanks to this Yantra.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, it is important for you to have this Yantra in your life, since it is created for those who are their own bosses or those who have people under them.
  • Sometimes, an individual feels like hia career has come to a standstill. However, if you bring this Yantra into your life, things start improving in a couple of days and your career graph improves, just the way you want it to.


Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhana Dhanyadi Pataye Dhana Dhanya Samruddhi Mein Dehi Dapaya Swaha


Placing the Yantra in the right location is very important. It is not that you can place the Kubera Yantra anywhere you feel like. If you don’t place the Yantra in the correct place, you do not enjoy its benefits. You may feel like the Yantra is not working, but it is solely because it is not kept where it should.

Since the Yantra energizes the location where it is placed or installed, you need to place it at the entrance of your house. If you want progress at your shop, you need to place it at the entrance. If you have an office, you need to place it at the entrance or reception area. The moment the rays of the sun fall on this Yantra, you feel positive changes in your life. If things take time in shaping up, do not start cursing or disbelieving in this Yantra. Some blocks take a couple of days extra to vanish, but when they do, nothing can stop the money from flowing in.


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