Urvashi Mantra and Sadhana

There are various Apsaras in the Heavens, but only a handful of them are quite prominent. One of the most prominent Apsaras is Urvashi. She is said to be the most gorgeous Apsara in the whole Universe. Thus, whether a girl wishes to become more beautiful or wishes to attract someone she desires from her heart, she can invoke Urvashi Apsara by pleasing her with Sadhanas and Mantras and get her job done. However, any Sadhana invoking and pleasing Urvashi needs to be done with great respect. Note that she is not a servant; she is a very powerful Apsara, a celestial nymph, in the Universe and thus, she needs to be brought in front of you with great respect.

Urvashi Mantra

Who is Urvashi Apsara?

Urvashi’s name itself has an amazing meaning. The word “UR” means “heart” and the word “VASH” means “CONTROL”. The name Urvashi means the one who controls the heart or the one who can control the heart. She is a very prominent nymph in Hindu legend. Considering the kind of importance she as in the legends of Hindu Mythology and the Heavens of Indra, a lot of people chant her Mantras and do her Sadhanas to get their work done through this nymph.

Urvashi Mantra Benefits:

  1. Urvashi Apsara can be invoked to get the blessings of beauty from her. If you give utmost importance to physical or outer beauty in your life and you want to be more beautiful and attractive, Urvashi Apsara is the one you can take the help from by performing her Sadhana in the correct manner. If you perform her Sadhana with all dedication, determination, patience and the right ritual, you can attain beauty and attraction in any way that you want to.
  2. Urvashi Apsara Mantra is known to win hearts of people and control the same. If there is someone specific that you wish to attract to yourself, you can surely take the help of Urvashi Sadhana for the same. You have to be sure about which person you want to attract to yourself and you can use Urvashi Mantra and Sadhana to attract him into your life.
  3. Urvashi Mantra is known to boost your law of attraction process, in case you are trying to manifest someone specific into your life. If you have the picture of this person, or your visualization power is excellent, you can bring him into your life just the way you want to.


Om Shreem Urvashi Aagach Aagach Swaha ||

ॐ श्रीम उर्वशी आगछ आगछ स्वाहा ||

Urvashi Mantra

How to Perform Urvashi Sadhana?

Step 1: Wear white clothes. Since this Sadhana is to invoke a beautiful nymph, everything should smell, look and sound beautiful around you. Remember that nymphs would never go to places that are dark, ugly and have bad energies. If you want to invoke Urvashi and take her blessings to get your specific work done, you need to look and smell good. Thus, wear white clothes, as the color white represents good energies, and wear your favorite perfume so that you smell good.

Step 2: Light incense sticks around you or something that has an amazing fragrance. You have got to be in the right kind of aroma to attract a nymph. Also, switch off all the lights and place a lot of candles all around you. The whole room should look glowing with golden lights. Therefore, lighting candles is a must. Light at least five candles so that the whole room is glowing with golden color.

Step 3: Now decorate the room with flowers. If you have a separate mediation room, try to make the room as beautiful as you can. Clean it up before you light the candles. If it is already clean, decorate it with real flowers. Even if you place roses around you, it is okay. But add at least some flowers to the room you want to meditate in.

Step 4: If you have the Urvashi Apsara Yantra, place it in front of you and offer flowers to it before proceeding with the Sadhana. Please note that it is not compulsory that you have to buy this Yantra to enjoy the benefits of invoking this Apsara; it is just that the Yantra can help in cracking the benefits quicker. So if you have the Yantra, place it on a wooden seat a little above the ground.

Step 5: Now take a picture of Urvashi Apsara and light a Ghee Lamp in front of her. Put some flowers in front of her picture, offering her your devotion. If you can get red and white flowers, there is nothing like it.

Step 6: Chant the given Mantra for 108 times (one round of your Jaap Maala) and then meditate on your desire for around five minutes.

Step 7: Repeat the above process for 14 days to invoke Urvashi Apsara. On the 14th day, you would notice some signs that would prove that the nymph is right in front of you, listening to you. When you feel her around you, all you need to do is join your hands, welcome her and ask for your wish. In the end, offer her more flowers and let her go to do the job for you.

Please note that the wish is granted between 3 to 30 days. Also, the wish needs to be asked with full devotion and patience. Never counter-attack the Sadhana by pondering upon negative thoughts. If you hear the Apsara’s voice during the Sadhana, do not break your meditation. It may be a disturbance to divert you from your Sadhana. Reaching and invoking prominent Apsaras is not an easy task and thus, a lot of tests are taking in between your Sadhana. Do not be scared of the process.


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