5 Powerful Spells To Get Your Ex Back

Do you still want your love of life back? Do you still love them but they are gone from your life?

Relationships are being complicated these days and people conclude their love with final results called break-ups. Generally, one partner leaves and go to another person in search of the same love, but not find the perfect solution to stay back in the relationship. What about that abandoned partner who is still in that relationship, Alone!

Don’t worry there are best solutions mention below to get back your love again in your life.

You’ve just been ditched by your partner and it hurts you very bad. And after seeing your partner with another person it feels like your heart been chopped into several pieces again and again. To help yourself get out of these cruel feelings and get your partner back in just a few days you need to follow few steps of world’s best spells of getting your Ex back.

  • No matter how resistant they are, no matter how far they have gone, no matter with whom they are now, with the help of these powerful spells you can make it happen and get your love back.

Best spells which make your ex fall for you again and lovesick for you. These spells can reconnect your bonding and the same love you had, all will bring back to you. These spells are that strong which can destroy all the obstacles are on the way and wipe-up the resistance.

Let’s watch out these easy and most powerful spells to get your ex back.

1. White magic spell for winning your love back again and keeping them for forever 


  • Bring his/her photo, one white paper, and one black sketch pen.
  • Put that photo in front of you and right your Ex’s name on the white paper.
  • Below that name writes love mantra “vashya hrum” and then fold it properly.
  • Put that paper on your Ex’s photo and repeat the love mantra “VASHYMANTI VASHAMVAH (name of your Ex) MUM VASHYAM KARU SWAHAH” 131 times.
  • After saying 131 times love mantra, blow air from your mouth to that paper 7 times and burry that paper in soal.
  • Do this magic spell practice on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

This mantra is so powerful comes from ancient studies. To get your love back in a few days you can do this spell and get the best results as soon as possible. Even if the situation is too screwed up and complicated this spell break all the difficulties and get your ex back faster.

2. White spell to make the linkage between you and your Ex.

  • You need a piece of hair of your Ex, your hair, a pot of clay balls.
  • Cut both the hair into pieces and mix them with clay balls.
  • Find the best place outside of your Ex’s house where he/she passes every day.
  • Burry clay ball on that spot each day for 40 days and make sure you say his/her name while burying that ball.

Linkage spell is the most effective spell to get your ex back. This spell will melt his heart for you and drifting further for you to feel love. This enlightens the flame of love in your ex’s heart and helps to bring him/her back.

3.  Lemon spells to get your Ex back within 2 weeks

  • To cast this spell you need to bring, a fresh lemon, a piece of paper (Pink), thread.
  • On the paper, write your ex’s name and then write your name.
  • After writing names, half the lemon and fold the paper in such a manner that your names touch each other.
  • Place that paper in between of those two half lemons and tie them with the thread.
  • Put that lemon outside of your lover’s house.

If you are approaching your ex-lover, but he/she denying to accept your calls and no replies for your messages, this spell helps you to get in touch with them and make them realize your worth in their lives. Lemon is a very powerful element in this spell to help you and your ex be together. This spell helps to provide pure joy and love in your life with whom you want to share. The process is so easy and effective for getting your ex back.

4. Moon-rose spell for your love to get back

  • Get three red roses, a glass bowl, and s salt solution.
  • Take those roses and cut them into pieces.
  • Pour that salt solution in a glass bowl and chant what you want and desire with full conviction and believe that it will definitely happen.
  • Take your ex’s name three times plus, make sure you cast this spell during the crescent moon especially in evenings.

Moon is the signal of love and peace, to pray for your love to bring back in your life is a most effective spell and helps you to protect your relationship faster. If your partner is with someone else now this spell will bring your partner back with the same love you had with him and make him forget the current person.

5. Candlelight white spell

  • For this famous light spell, you need to have six candles, two pinks, one yellow, one green, one red and one blue.
  • Put the green candle in north direction of the room on the table, similarly yellow candle towards east, red candle towards while blue should face west.
  • Hold the rest two pink candles with your hands and face the red candle direction.
  • Try to visualize your ex is returning as you spell his/her name as a pray to god.
  • Try to focus on your past best memories with your ex.

Relationships are so fragile like light lamps, so to put that lamp safely and protected from outer wind storms you need to practice these spells and bring back your ex-lover in your life again.

Now, if you have any plans to using obsessions spells to get your ex back, my suitable advice to you is not just to end there. Ensure that you will be to your love and don’t repeat the mistake that leads to break-ups. Make sure you do spell correctly and all directions will be accurate otherwise it can be wrong for the relationships as well. It helps in that once you are back with your ex make your relationship stronger and powerful that it won’t break again and your ex-lover will stay with you forever.



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