Mantras for Getting Over a Breakup

There are hundreds of affirmations on the internet that help you in getting rid of the memories you have of your past. Whether you have recently had a breakup with someone or you were always in one-sided affairs, there are a few words that can boost your mind and make peace with your past.

If someone says it is easy to move on, ask them how many times were they really in love?  Mantras for Getting Over a Breakup

It is not a piece of cake to move on from the affairs that once made you really happy. Getting rid of the memories is not something you can do by switching on or off a specific switch; it is a process or a journey, rather. You have to give some time to yourself so that you can heal in a better way.

But along with that, there are a few general Hindu Mantras that can give you the exact healing benefits you are looking for. We are here for two very general Mantras that bring all the peace you need and balance your mind. Here are those two Mantras:

1. Gayatri Mantra:

Om bhoor bhuvah svah
Tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya deemahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayaat ||

Most of the Hindus know this Mantra. A lot of children are taught this Mantra because of the benefits and power it has. It also proves to be great to heal a broken heart. It helps you in moving on. You don’t have to walk down the memory lane over and over again when you have such an easy and amazing Mantra with you. The best thing is that you can mug-it-up in no time at all. Meditating while chanting this Mantra puts you to peace!

2. Shiva Mantra:

Om Namah Shivaay ||

This is the most basic Mantra one can chant for around 108 times a day. You can chant for more rounds of your Jaapa Maala. A lot of people find these three words to be very soothing to heal their broken heart. It gives them peace and helps them at night to sleep as well. When you chant this Mantra, you are closer to Lord Shiva and that’s where you get the peace you look for outside. When the storm within you is calm, no external force can cause any disturbance to you.


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