6 Mantras for Ketu Dasha

According to various ancient sources, Ketu and Rahu are the two separate parts of a common body. Rahu is the head while Ketu is the tail of the snake God, Svarbhanu. Ketu is commonly known to be associated with spirituality. The placement of Ketu places very importantly in the kundalini of a person that has both positive and negative effects on the life of a person. The correct placement of Ketu in the kundalini brings a lot of positives in terms of spirituality, psychic abilities, wisdom, knowledge, fantasy, and many more, while the wrong placement of Ketu has a lot of malefic effects. The malefic effects cause mental instability, sorrow, suffering, losses, accidents, and many more. So, it is really important to nullify the harmful effects of Ketu by performing certain poojas and reciting the mantras for Ketu Dasha. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most important mantras for Ketu Dasha that help to nullify the harmful effects. Let’s read further to know the details.

Mantras for Ketu Dasha

1. Ketu Gayatri Mantra

Ketu Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful mantras that is said to bring wonders to the life of the reciter. This mantra is divided into three parts, the first part denotes the chant for Ketu, the second part is the powerful mantra of Ketu and the third part denotes the powerful energies of the mantra. This mantra should be recited three times a day, sunrise, afternoon, and sunset. For the best results, you can chant this mantra 7000 times that have to be completed within 11 days. It must be noted that this mantra must be pronounced correctly for the best results. You can consult a specialist or any pandit for the pronunciation of each word of the mantras correctly. The person must take bath before the recitation of the mantra to get the divine blessings from Ketu.

Benefits of Ketu Gayatri Mantra

  • Way to enlightenment

Mantras form the base for the way to enlightenment for any individual. They help to form a divine connection with the spiritual world that helps the person to follow the path of truth, kindness, and wisdom. The placement of Ketu in any kundalini of a person has both positive and negative impacts depending upon its relationship with other planets and their positions. The chanting of the powerful “Ketu Gayatri Mantra” helps to nullify the malefic effects and he’s to seek the divine blessings of Ketu that ultimately leads to the path of enlightenment.

  • Overcome uncertain difficulties

The bad positioning of Ketu results in various types of difficulties. These difficulties often include financial loss, material loss, bad health, mental instability, fatigue, allergies, infection, accidents, knee problems, obesity, poor concentration, depression, stress, and many more. In worst cases, the person even starts developing suicidal thoughts that can cause an uncertain death in a family. Recitation of this mantra helps to overcome all such problems and uncertain difficulties that help to follow the right path in life. Thus, this powerful mantra of Ketu must be recited with full devotion and dedication for the best results.

  • Complete protection

We have already discussed how the presence and bad placement of Ketu in the kundalini of a person results in the worst situations for him/her. Recitation of this powerful mantra of Ketu helps to overcome all such difficulties by forming a layer of protection. The person becomes both mentally and physically stable and will be able to take the right decisions at the right time. Taking the right decisions at the right time will automatically result in the overall growth of a person and lead to the way of enlightenment.


Ketu Gayatri Mantra

ॐ धूम्रवर्णाय विद्महे, सर्प रूपया धिमहि, तन्नो केतु प्रचोदयत”

In English,

Om Dhumravarnaya Vidmahe, Sarpa Roopaya Dhimahi, Tanno Ketu Prachodayat”

2. Ketu Beeja Mantra

Ketu Beeja Mantra is also one of the most powerful mantras of Ketu that is believed to bring stability and peace during the Ketu Dasha for a few years. For the best results, this mantra should be recited 7000 times within 11 days to bring positive results. You can also perform a pooja or keep a path and ask your pandit to perform a ceremony for the peace of Ketu Dasha. It must be noted that all these mantras are potent and should only be recited with the complete correct pronunciation. Bad or incorrect pronunciation of the words of mantras can have certain side effects too. You can also consult a specialized pandit to know the exact pronunciation. This “Ketu Beeja Mantra” helps to get relief from all forms of pain in life and helps to get victory in all the spheres. All the difficult situations get vanished and the person can focus on better things in life.

Benefits of Ketu Beeja Mantra

  • Wisdom and knowledge

Recitation of the powerful mantras for Ketu Dasha helps to increase the wisdom and knowledge of a person. The person can take the correct decisions in life by improving his thought process. The intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom of a person increase as the person steps into the world of spirituality. Learning about these Vedic mantras is not an easy task and can only be performed by a person of high intellectuals. It also leads to the path of intellectuals that not only helps in following the right things in life but also increases the wisdom and overall knowledge of the spiritual world.

  • Increases the intuition

The planet Ketu denotes spirituality and if the person has a strong Ketu in his/her birth chart, he/she is more likely to have strong intuition powers. If you want to practice certain things of astrology like tarot card reading, reiki healing, crystal ball gazing, and many more,