Yoga Techniques To Cure Partial Or Complete Deafness

Yoga Technique For Hearing Problem

The ear is one of the most important organs of the human body. It helps us to recognize various sounds present around us in nature varying from chirping birds to the honks of trucks, from a baby’s cry to the ship’s siren and from relaxing music to the noises in traffic jams. What if one can’t hear any of them? Many people suffer from loss of hearing due to various reasons like either they are lost their hearing ability due to some accident, or they suffer from any disease or in the worst case they are born deaf! A life without any sound is hard to imagine and harder to live. But thanks to our yoga guru’s for teaching us various yoga techniques to cure partial or complete deafness. Let’s take a look at these poses to aid or enhance our hearing ability.

1. Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama, also known as Humming Bee Breathing is a useful technique to cure the hearing problem. It is also one of the most effective breathing exercises to destress our mind from all the unnecessary clutter which keeps on revolving in our mind. With the continuous and determined practice of this activity, one can surely get useful results related to the hearing problem. And the best part of this yoga pose is you can do it anywhere and at any time, be at work or home.

2. Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra

Have you ever come across the continuous noise in your ear? This is not any noise from the outside world but from within the ears itself. This sound could be anything-hizzing, clicking, ringing, etc. This mudra reduces the space (sky) element in the human body to treat health issues linked with Vata(airy imbalance). According to Ayurveda, most of the ear problems occur due to Vata. That’s why Shunya Mudra is considered as the most effective for tinnitus as it is believed that our hands have the power of the universe in them, and when this energy is channelized correctly, it gives the best results.

3. Upside Down Seal Pose

Upside Down Seal Pose

The upside down seal aka Vipareeta Karani Asana is another form of headstand except that it is performed without the help of a wall. This pose pulls the blood flow and all the organs downwards due to the gravitational force. All you have to do is lie down on the mat with your arms beside your body and placing your feets towards the wall. Raise your legs in the air, parallel to the wall and support your lower torso with both your hands. Be careful while doing this exercise as you may get hurt as well!!

4. Camel Pose

Camel Pose

In this pose, you have to lie on the ground facing stomach, then rise your body and try to reach your ankles, keeping your hands facing upwards.Push your neck and head backward. Try to be in this posture for 3-6 minutes and then come to relax. A special warning to the hernia patients as they should not try this pose. This technique is suitable for ear problems that cause tinnitus.

5. Fish Pose

Fish Pose

Fish Pose is practiced to cure many health-related problems like ear, throat, and brain. This yoga pose is also known as the destroyer of all the diseases. All you need to do is sit in the lotus position, lie on the ground, lift your pelvic region slightly, bring your arms to support your butt and inhale keeping your head grounded. Do not attempt this pose if you are suffering from a hernia, neck or back injury or if you are pregnant.

6. Karnapidasana


This asana is acknowledged as knee touching to ear pose, ear pressure pose and knee to ear pose. Karnapidasana is the amalgamation of 3 Sanskrit words, namely ‘Karna’ meaning ear, ‘Pida’ implying pain and ‘Asana’ as we all know posture. Lie on your back on the yoga mat, bend your knees and them back to the ear, keep your hand behind your back, hold this posture for 10 seconds and breathe deeply. People with high blood pressure, asthma and neck injury are advised to consult the doctor before trying this pose.

 7. Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose helps to repair hearing impairment. One need to lie on the ground facing stomach, stretching legs outwards facing the ground, keep your elbows by your side and raise your chest by placing your body weight on the elbows. Inhale slowly while bringing your body up and exhale while coming back to the rest position. This technique helps to remove toxins from the body, improving blood circulation and allows you to focus and concentrate better.

8. Cow Face Pose

It is known as Cow Pose because when seen from the front, the contour of the body resembles the mouth of the holy animal. To do this pose, sit up straight on the mat with your left leg crossing your right leg. Raise your right hand above your shoulder, take your left hand and make it pass all the way to your back. Keep your neck and spine erect. Please make sure you don’t overstretch your body.

Cow Face Pose

9. Alternate Nostril Breathing Pose

Alternate Nostril Breathing Pose popularly known as Nadi Shodhan pranayama, comes up with the benefits to cure the hearing problem, frequent headache, lung cleaning, improves sleep quality, mental relaxation, regulates body temperature, relieves tension and anxiety and boosts metabolism. This breathing exercise involves alternating by blocking one nostril while breathing from the opposite one.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

10. Leg Raised Pose

This yoga technique not only rescues you from the hearing problem but it also helps you to burn belly fat, and this is the reason that it is very popular among the youngsters. Leg raised pose is quite effective in weight loss, weak legs, balancing the naval and indigestion too. To perform this yoga, you have to lie down on your back and while inhaling raise your legs about 30 degrees above the ground, maintain this position as long as you can and then bring your legs down while exhaling. Patients suffering from high blood pressure, back pain and abdominal injury should avoid this.

Leg Raised Pose

11. Gas Release Pose

Gas release pose is a potent yoga technique to aid hearing disorder. It improves your digestive tract, strengthens neck and back and is beneficial for menstrual disorders. To execute this technique lie down on the floor, raise your legs at an angle of 90 degrees, bend your knees and bring them closer to your chest enclosed by your arms. Keep breathing and stay in this position for a little while. Pregnant ladies are warned not to try this pose.

Gas Release Pose


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