Hakini Mudra For Brain Power: Benefits, How To Do

People of all age groups suffer due to memory loss or frequent forgetfulness at some point in their life. Mental stress or unnecessary thinking, pressure related to personal as well as professional life, extremely hectic schedule throughout the day, etc. could be the few reasons for the same.

However, the best part is that a human brain can be trained, just like the body. The strength of a human brain can be enhanced, and performing mudras are one of the best ways to do so. Hakini mudra is a very effective gesture which is referred to God in Hindu culture and is associated with 6th Chakra. It guides your consciousness through your 6th chakra, also called the third-eye or pineal eye. This mudra is also recommended for many memory training and management programs.

Hakini Mudra For Brain Power

If your mind is at the right place, you can accomplish everything. That’s why the successful people more focus on getting their mindset right before anything else. So, check out the benefits as well as the correct procedure of doing the Hakini mudra:

  • It promotes a fine corporation between left and right hemisphere of the brain (left is associated with logical thinking and right with creativity).
  • Brain performance is at it best when both parts are used simultaneously as it helps to improve concentration.
  • This is also beneficial when you have to do lots of mental work or multitasking.
  • It develops calmness.

Hakini Mudra

  • Hakini mudra encourages your brain efficiency and enhances your memory power.
  • It also expands the respiration, which in turn good for the brain as more oxygen is supplied to the brain.
  • It improves the clarity of thoughts and hence improve decision making.
  • This mudra is good for students because this will help them to concentrate better on their studies.
How To Do:

Step 1: Raise your hands and let them face each other without touching.

Step 2: Fold the fingers of both hands slightly inwards and let fingertips of both the hands touch each other.

Step 3: Ensure that your palms do not touch each other since the fingers tips will act as the only joining points for both hands.

Step 4: Focus your eye gaze on the third eye, i.e. at 6th chakra (at the center of the forehead).

Step 5: Inhale and let your tongue touch the roof of your mouth.

Step 6: Exhale and allow your tongue to relax.

Step 7: Take few deep breaths and let your mind to focus on the things you want to recall or analyze.

Thus, by placing the fingertips of both hands together, you connect the flow of energy between the two sides of your brain and body. Practice Hakini mudra for gaining memory strength and brain power for 45 min daily. Or practice it 3 times in a day for 15 minutes.


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