33×3 Manifestation Method

33X3 Manifestation Technique

When starting something new, this new can be anything from a new job, a new course, a new year, a new week, and so on, it is widely said that you should set your intentions correctly. But according to my, there is no perfect time to set your aspirations. It’s something you can do whenever you want.

33×3 method is a tool to turn your dreams into reality. This method jeopardizes your objectives, aspirations, and what you want out of life. Don’t be put off by the phrase 33×3 method; you don’t need any fancy stationery for it. To begin your 33×3 method, all you need is a pen or pencil and a simple notebook.

In addition, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for practicing the 33×3 method. A 33×3 method, like a secret diary, is a personal item. You can use it any way you want, as long as it fulfills your heart’s desires. Keep in mind, though, that what you write in your notebook must be precise and descriptive. You can’t write vague things and expect them to manifest because manifestation occurs when you’re certain of what you want and what you want to accomplish in your life.

There are a variety of methods for manifesting your dreams and wishes, but I prefer using the 33×3 method diary. I have my own set of motives for doing so. When you write anything down on a sheet of paper, you align yourself with positive energy, which provides clarity. As a result, having a clear mind leads to the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

33×3 manifestation may seem a bit complicated but there is no easier way to manifest than this. The steps are the simplest you would have ever heard all you need to do is pick an affirmation or goal of desire and write it 33 times for 3 days without fail. These three days need to be consecutive. For example- you want a new book but you don’t have the money for it, then your affirmation should be something like this “I am grateful for what I have and I am thankful for receiving this book that I always wanted to read.” Now you can write this 33 times in 3 consecutive days.

The idea behind this 33×3 method is also relatively easy. The method is drafted in a way that makes you write your goal and affirmations 99 times. Yes, you read it right 99 times. Also, 9 plus 9 is 18, 1 plus 8 is 9, so it comes to a 9 again. This is a very powerful number sequence as 9 is the number of completion or fulfillment.

Also, whenever you come across some negative feelings don’t sit down and start pondering over them, it will never solve the problem. The only way to deal with this is to ask the universe to guide you, I know it is not easy for you to believe that the universe can guide you. But trust me to take a leap of faith and go for it because once you discover the wonders of the same you will never stop practicing it. Since childhood, we have been taught to fear things or to better frame since childhood, the seed of fear has been sown in our brains. As we grow old this seed finally grows into a tree. But let’s cut this tree from its very root and sow the seeds of positive thinking, trust, and abundance. Your subconscious mind is not in the habit of trusting so don’t force it because it will take time. Once you develop your trust in the universe you will see that everything automatically starts working for you.

Examples of 33x 3 Manifestation Technique



We have become the most distorted generation in human history. Relationships are inherently complex, and maintaining them requires a significant amount of effort. We have no idea of how to handle our relationships, and as a result, we lose touch with our loved ones. The majority of relationships today are toxic. But don’t worry, there’s a strategy you can apply to turn your toxic relationship into a healthy one.

A copy and some pens are all you’ll need Always remember to be grateful for what you have and will have. All you need to do is to figure out what you want and once you are done with that You can start the process. For instance, I desire a nice and calm relationship with few arguments. Imagine a joyful and healthy connection with your partner and write this down 33 times for three days.

After all of this, you just have one job left that is to live in your ideal reality. Act as if you and your lover are in a happy relationship. You’re not fighting anymore; instead, you’ve become more empathetic towards one another. Be grateful for that as well. You’ve employed the 33×3 approach and shifted your reality by several dimensions. So, believe me when I say that you will have a healthy relationship at some point. Just trust the procedure.

Get Back Ex

Get Back Ex

We lose folks from time to time due to our ignorance. We may not understand how significant someone is to us until we are in a relationship with them. However, when that relationship ends and the individual leaves our lives, our world is devastated. We don’t always know how to approach that person and apologize for our mistakes, but here are some suggestions to help you reintegrate your ex into your life. You can use the 33×3 manifestation strategy to bring them back by apologizing and reaching out to them. This will not only get your ex back, but it will also allow you to live a happy life.

So, get yourself a journal or a copy and a variety of colored pens. I understand that finding thankfulness in every scenario is difficult, but trust me when I say that there are many things to be grateful for. Close yourself in a room and now imagine what you want. Write your ideal reality, such as she gave me another chance and today, we are happily married. But you cannot just write it once, you need to write it 33 times for three days, for you to see the results.

You must believe this to be real for it to be true. You can’t say, “Let’s start a new relationship,” and then say, “If she returns, I’ll get along with her again.” Ifs and buts are ignored by manifestation and the law of attraction. Trust the process and leave the rest to the cosmos.

Weight Loss

Weight loss

Nowadays, the most visible type of abuse is body shaming. It cannot be justified under any circumstances, but it continues to be practiced throughout the world. Remember, don’t lose weight because some X, Y, or Z said anything about your size. It should always be about you when it comes to weight loss. Lose weight because you want to get in better shape or because you don’t like your body type. But constantly keep in mind that no matter what you accomplish, you will still have flaws. As a result, begin to accept that you are imperfectly perfect.

Take a journal and start writing your desired reality. For example, my legs and arms are toned, and I’m wearing all of the things I’ve ever wanted to wear. Be thankful for what you have and imagine the reality you want. Believe in your ability to reduce weight and, as a result, you can achieve your optimum weight.

Always keep in mind that your thoughts can alter your life and destiny. Put your thoughts and ideas to work so that the law of attraction can operate for you. Do not cast doubt on the process by stating, “I’ll buy this outfit when I lose weight.” These kinds of ideas send out messages to the cosmos that you’re not sure what you desire or you don’t trust the process. As a result, if your mind is cloudy, the information you get will be cloudy as well. So, have a clear mind, live in your ideal world.



Many people struggle with their height. Some of us are extremely tall, while others are exceptionally short. It’s a frequent observation that people who are low in stature always wish to get taller. This is a problem that can also be solved. Take a journal and write the height you aspire to reach or the height you desire for yourself. I understand that changing your height may seem impossible to many of you, but believe me that nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything and everything from manifestation. Whatever you ask for, whether it’s height, weight, money, fame, or anything else, the universe will provide it to you.

Imagine that you are changing reality or, for that matter, jumping dimensions as you do so. Write your height in the present tense 33 times for three consecutive days. Think about how you’d like to live your ideal life. After that, all you have to do now is believe that your dream will become a reality when the time arrives.

Success Stories

Success Stories

This strategy has been used by people all over the world to achieve great success in their life. The number of returns this approach has provided to different persons can be used to determine its success. Success is a subjective term; it could mean one thing to you and another to me. No two people have the same definition of success. For example, A considers having a significant sum of money to be a success, whereas B considers having a small family to be a success. There is no correct or incorrect definition of success. It’s like water it can go on to take any shape it wants.

All you have to do now is put the finishing touches on your plan and explain to your mind what success means to you. If your mind has a hazy idea of what success is, the outcome will be hazy as well. Always keep a clear, calm, and composed mind. Now, using the 33×3 manifestation method, write your desired reality. Be grateful for what you have and what you will have while doing so. The best thing you can do is express thankfulness.

Believe me when I say that you can succeed utilizing this strategy. I tried it and received all I requested. Similarly, I’ve met a great number of folks from all over the world who have used this strategy and gotten exactly what they wanted. To get anything you want in life, all you need is desire, hunger, and faith.

Belief and 33x 3 Method

Belief and 33x 3 Method

Now that you’ve written everything in your diary, it’s time to infuse it with positive energy. But how can one infuse their intention with positive energy? It’s a simple process; all you have to do is repeat your intentions every day for as long as you can besides writing it 33 times. Now, this is optional there is no compulsion on you to perform it. Don’t give up or quit doing what you’re doing; simply take one step at a time and you will see that you have reached your destination.

Visualize and meditate on your intention or goals or desires. As previously stated, this will assist you in fast manifesting your aspirations and desires. Also, remember to believe in what you’re asking for. Remember that what hard work is to success, belief is to manifestation.

Tell the universe whatever you desire, and believe me when I say you will get it all. It is preferable to tell the universe everything rather than telling the humans. The Law of Attraction was created to work for you; it has existed since the beginning and will continue to do so in the future. It has no set end date, it will remain in this beautiful world forever. To get all of them, all you have to do is think about what you want and follow the simple procedures outlined above. Always keep in mind that your intentions should always be forward-looking, not backward-looking.


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