What are the Seven Laws of Attraction?

Seven Laws of Attraction

Seven Laws of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of life’s biggest mysteries. Few people are aware of how much the Law of Attraction influences their daily lives. We function as human magnets every second of our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously, putting out our thoughts and emotions and attracting more of the same. Unfortunately, many of us are still oblivious of our own personal potential. As a result, allowing your emotions and thoughts to run amok is all too simple. By sending out the wrong thoughts, you attract more negative emotions and situations into your life.

Finding out that the Law of Attraction is at work in your life, on the other hand, should be a source of joy! Once you understand the power of attraction, you won’t be able to keep it a secret for long. You’ve also learned how to put these concepts into practice in your daily life, giving you ultimate power over your destiny. Hundreds of years ago, the immortal Buddha was thought to have given the Law of Attraction to man.

“What you have become is what you have thought,” he is reported to have wanted the world to know. This is a deeply established Law of Attraction concept. You have always been most likely to observe the law of attraction with reference to your own life. Any person who complains all the time, for example, is likely to attract friends, followers, or any other companion who are likewise negative like them. In the same way, joyful and energetic people tend to attract more motivated individuals around them. That is how the Universal Law of Attraction works.

It is extremely crucial to remember that the Universe is unconcerned, about the type of energetic frequency one emits. It does not seem to mind whether you are a positive or a negative person. It just reflects what you have to offer. You can also change the way the universe responds to you, by changing your energetic vibration. Simply just by creating and leaning into vibrations that may coincide with your wishes, you will be able to manifest specific outcomes in your life. However, in order to do that you must also become acutely aware of your energy, thoughts, and feelings, as well as also the seven ways in which they form your reality.

The Law of Manifestation

The most well-known of all the mentioned laws of attraction, these claims that whatever we keep our minds will manifest in our lives, whether it may be good or bad. Because everything that we probably think and feel is mirrored into the world around us, our minds are without any doubt tremendously powerful tools. The more positive things we can instill in our thinking, more the positive experiences we will have in our own lives. The other side relating to this law is that we must also be wary of the negativity, that periodically seeps into our brains. According to this law, the negative ingredients will also materialize as negative things, which are clearly undesirable in all aspects. Making a positive attitude is a way of life that can help you achieve all of your desired goals.

It is always a decision that one to be conscious of. It is that decision that brings your awareness to the present moment, perceive and prioritize what is truly and urgently important, what is honestly honoring, and what will add worth to your life. The key to mastering this law is being consciously being aware of the decisions and also living in the present. Because the mind is one of the most powerful instruments you have for creating your exact ideal reality, anything you think about will manifest into your life at some time. Remember that the Law of Attraction will work both ways, so if negativity is at the center of your focus, you will only attract unpleasant outcomes. So, if you realize that you consciously feed your mind with good thoughts, you have the power to actualize your ambitions and wishes.

Law of Magnetism

This law explains what has transpired in our life thus far and what our future chances are. According to this notion, everything in our existence, including people, objects, and events, is a direct result of our energy vibrations. To put it another way, what we are attracted to. That is, we attract into our lives people, objects, and events who have the same vibrational frequency as we do. We’re like magnets attracted to each other. We can use this law to help us attain our life goals.

We can raise our energy frequencies to match the energy level of our wishes, culminating in their realization. This is a simple technique in theory, but it’s not so simple in practice. If we have a strong belief and a burning desire, we may change the way our thoughts work to actualize our desires. We can only attract the energy of the same frequency that we emit. When you comprehend that everything you’ve experienced in your life is a result of the energy frequency you’ve discharged into the world, you’ll understand that we, as humans, are the genuine magnets of our own lives.

We, like the Universe, are made up of vibrational energy. As a result, the Law of Magnetism explains how, like a magnet, the energy frequencies we emit return to us. The magnetic exchange that occurs all around us never loses its resonance in the Universe because the Law of Attraction is constantly in effect – it continues to operate whether we are aware of it or not. This is why it’s so important to make sure the energy you give out into the world is the kind of energy you’re happy to receive in return. Every second of every day, the Universe undergoes a huge interchange and expansion of this force, and each of us is a part of it.

The Law of Unwavering Designs

This law explains why some of our desires do not come true. The most important condition for a successful manifestation is unwavering desire. We may think we like and want something, yet it may not be robust and stable enough to resist the rigors of manifestation. The keys to unwavering desire are purity of intention and freedom from fear, doubt, and desperation.

At various points in our lives, we hope for a variety of things. When we think about it, though, we discover that the majority of them are unimportant, trivial, or harmful to ourselves or others in some way. Before embarking on a manifestation journey, we must consider whether the desire we wish to create is one we truly desire. Because only powerful, steadfast, and unwavering ambitions have a chance of succeeding.

When you feel like the magic isn’t working for you, it’s time to reconsider what you want. We are frequently perplexed as to how our manifesting powers function, implying that it must take far more than one good thought to manifest the life of your dreams. Those who have succeeded in expressing their wildest ambitions should recognize that the power came from a strong desire, not from a magic lamp or genie granting wishes. The Law of Unwavering Desire clearly states that you are guided by pure intention, hence you must genuinely desire it. You may be sure of a positive outcome when you’re motivated by a pure intention, free of fear, doubt, and desperation. To have pure wishes, you must truly think that you are deserving of what you desire.

For example, you may think you want a billion dollars or a beautiful estate on the surface. However, one’s true desires may appear to be quite different, such as having sufficient money to start any business or the flexibility to travel the world. The very first step in bringing something into your reality is to be sure that you know exactly what you desire. So, for the Law of Attraction to work properly, one must also have a strong desire for what one wants in life.

The Law of Delicate Balance of Life

The precise equilibrium of the Universe’s elements is essential to its operation. The laws of attraction are the same way. When the elements within us are in balance, we experience a pleasant, tranquil, and content state of mind. We shall only be able to sync our energy frequencies with those of our wishes and bring them into our lives at this stage.

Appreciation and thanks are essential factors in establishing this balance. Fixation and desperation break the balance of our thinking, lowering our energy levels and pushing us further away from our goals. The Law of Attraction emphasizes balance as one of its key tenets. When we discover harmony in ourselves, we are effectively releasing the high-frequency vibrational energy essential for the Law of Attraction to work.

This entails expressing thankfulness and appreciation for what you already have. To live a rich life, you must change your perspective, to that of someone who is currently doing so. As a result, staying balanced and content with your current situation can help you avoid feelings of desperation and addiction. Desperation, you see, creates a paradox that has the vibratory power to push away the things or people that you need to disclose the life outcomes you want. It’s one thing to want something, but if you’re desperate for it, you’ll put off taking the steps necessary to obtain it. Think about how grateful you’ll be if your dreams come true, and then choose to be grateful for what you have now. Knowing that you don’t need anything to be happy motivates you to attain your objectives.

The Law of Harmony

The major understanding from the law of the Universe is harmony. As a result, it becomes an important theoretical aspect of the law of attraction. Through the energy sources, everything in the Universe is interconnected. To gain the most benefit, we must also align ourselves with the energy which is moving throughout the Universe.

By tapping in the Universal energy, one will have immediate access to all the Universe’s good things and aspects. This often provides us with more creative power, more abundance, and also a chance to realize our ambitions. The Universe as a whole is always interconnected. It means that you have connected to the Universe through a variety of energy sources as well. The Law of Harmony was established, to help us to discover and harness our inner power and to connect ourselves with the energy that flows through the Universe. And when you connect with the Universal flow, you gain special access to everything in your life the Universe has to offer. That means more money, more ability to create, and, most importantly, more of what you want. This is something that originates from within, so remember that aligning yourself harmoniously with the Universe allows accessing your best manifesting power.

The Law of Right Action

The world around you is affected by your actions and words in a butterfly effect. And, in the end, they again come back to us. This clearly means that how we act and treat others has a direct impact even on our own lives. You may even attract more positivity and good things into your life by choosing the right route, lending a helping hand to those in need, or simply by being a good human being.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, one has complete control over their conduct and actions. When an individual chooses to be good, dignified, and honorable when they are naturally tempted to be furious and destructive, that is the time they will notice an immediate increase in their energy levels. Did you know that the way one treats other people has the potential, to attract or repel the successful life they desire? The Law of Right Action, on the other hand, clearly explains why deeds truly do speak louder than words. Simple acts of kindness, such as doing the right thing or extending a helpful hand, will always bring more positivity into our life. Remember that the honor and integrity you put out into the universe like a magnet, will continually return to you in the same way. Because life might be difficult at times, it may appear simpler to react out of emotion or stress, creating harm and devastation in your surroundings. So, as you go through life, be careful of whether or not what you’re doing is honoring yourself and others. Keep in mind that we are all made up of vibrational energy, including the Universe. So, maintaining energy frequency tuned to one of dignity and honor will always work in your favor, even if you don’t directly see it right away.

The Law of Universal Influence

We are a very important component of the Universe. That means that our actions and our words have an impact on the world, we live in. Individual energy vibrations, blend into the overall vibration of the Universe. This commandment instructs us of being conscious of the consequences of ideas, feelings, actions, and words.

Because everything in the Universe is interconnected, anything that you do will have an impact on not only your immediate family and friends but can even complete strangers. As a result, you must also be exceedingly aware of what you must be thinking, doing, or even saying. Energies expand around the globe and have an impact on your own life as well as in the larger world. You can and do also have an impact on everything, from your company’s production to your family’s harmony, all the way to world peace! By virtue of the law, the power of your particular vibration becomes vibrant worldwide. The Law of Universal Influence, states that we have a strong impact on everyone in our environment, people whom we meet or connect with.

That means the energy you release into the surroundings affects your family, friends, and even with any person, you meet. Because everyone and everything in this universe is interconnected, energy has its own ability to expand into every nook and cranny of the universe. Because energy is extremely powerful everything you do, from business to relationships has an impact on you and the world around you. You can increase the amount of positive energy in the Universe by intentionally choosing to be optimistic in your daily life. So always be alert and cautious, because your every thought, action, and reaction have an impact on everything and everyone around you. Every thought and action sow a new seed, in our destiny’s garden.



1. Self-love is the first step towards attracting love.”
2. “I am a good person who deserves to be loved.”
3. “I am well-deserving of love.”
4. “I am entitled to be treated with dignity.”
5. “I am entitled to happy relationships.”
6. “Just because I’m unmarried doesn’t mean I’m not valuable.”
7. “I am entirely in love with myself.”
8. “I am courageous, strong, and gorgeous on the inside and out.”
9. “I’m letting go of my fears and embracing my destiny.”
10. “I am self-assured and joyful.”
11. “Every day, I learn more about myself and grow.”
12. “Abundance and prosperity abound in my life.”
13. “I forgive myself for the faults I’ve made in the past.”
14. “I have more love to give others the more I love myself.”
15. “I am now ready to receive and give love.”
16. “I attract people who are caring, supportive, and committed to me.”
17. “I am attracting the love of my life.”
18. “I am thankful for the affection that I have received.”
19. “I forgive others for their wrongdoings in the past.”
20. “I have an open heart.”
21. “My particular someone will appear when the moment is right.”
22. I am prepared to make a commitment.”
23.“A meaningful partnership with my soulmate is something I deserve.”
24.“I am attracting a caring and trusting partner.”
25. “Others care for me.”
26. “There is a lot of love in the universe.”
27. “I am respected by those who surround me.”
28. “Every day, I am surrounded by love.”
29. “I am the beginning of true love.”
30. “I attract individuals and relationships that are healthy.”
31. “I am entitled to happy, healthy relationships.”
32. “I surround myself with individuals that are positive.”
33. “I am complete and ready to welcome love,” says number 33.
34. “I am the embodiment of unconditional love.”
39. “I am grateful for the people that love me unconditionally in my life.”
40. “To love unconditionally is the best gift.”
41. “Unconditional love is something I offer and receive.
42. “Wherever I go in the world, love follows me.”
43. “I spread love wherever I go, and it lavishly returns to me.”
44. “I accept all forms of love with open arms.”
45. “Those who are around me are drawn to me.”
46. “I exude deep attractiveness naturally.”
47. “I exude a lot of love.”
48. “I adore myself and everyone around me,” says number 48.
49. “I believe in the universe’s ability to give me my soulmate.”
50. “I’m in love.” Love is what I see. I am familiar with the concept of love. I’m in love.
51. “I have a strong desire to love truly and passionately.”
52. “Everywhere I walk, I see love.”
54. “I know why I began, and I want to continue.”
55. “Mistakes are a part of life. “I am not my flaws.”
56. “Every life hardship helps me grow.”
57. “I refuse to give up on myself,” says 57.
58. Everywhere I go, I discover love.
59. I am deserving of love and affection.
60. I fully appreciate myself; I am a love magnet; I am deserving of a long-term, meaningful relationship.
61. Love is all around me; it follows me wherever I go.
62. My partner and I have a solid, loving, and committed relationship.
63. Every day, my love for my love grows stronger.
64. Everywhere I go, I am showered with adoration.
65. Every day, my boyfriend and I are madly in love with one other, and every day, my partner loves me, and I am surrounded by love.
66. My middle name is Love.
67. The power of love is within me, and I have the best companion on the planet.
68. I attract wonderful, loving, kind people into my life.
69. I remove the internal obstruction that keeps me from receiving love.
70. I welcome love with open arms.
71. I’m pleased and grateful to have loving people in my life.
72. I appreciate everything I have.
73. Every day, my partner and I make physical contact with each other.
74. My spouse and I are completely devoted to one another, and we always have a good
time together.
75. My partner supports me in the same way that I support him.
76. My spouse considers me to be everything they are seeking in a partner.
77. My spouse and I are at ease and secure in each other’s company, and we laugh every day.
78. Now is the time for me to accept a joyful, rewarding relationship.
79. My romantic relationship with my partner is ideal.
80. In my relationship, sensuality and romance are natural sentiments.
81. My romantic feelings are easily expressed to my spouse,
82. I am entirely open to receiving love. I know I will achieve it.
83. Love is drawn to me like a magnet because of my innate loving personality.
84. My soul mate is my partner, and we love one another completely and unreservedly.
85. I have come to feel that partnerships may be both pleasant and enjoyable.
86. All of my relationships are now loving and harmonious.
87. I’ve let go of any sense of urgency in order to let love find me.
88. I am adored in ways I never imagined.
89. I’m open to receiving love that will knock my socks off.
90. I’m making room in my life for an incredible mate!
91. My soulmate is being drawn to me by the universe!
92. My boyfriend loves me deeply and passionately.
93. I am in a great relationship with someone who respects me!
94. I am deserving of love and attention.
95. I’m attracting the ideal partner for me.
96. My partner and I both appreciate who we are.
97. I am deserving of a happy, healthy relationship.
98. I am entitled to happiness in my relationship.
99. I am in awe of your love!
100. I am proud of myself.

It is always great to be around people who you find your comfort in, who understand and value you. It is always better to have two people thinking and working together in the same direction. Life gets earlier with the right person next to you, vision for life gets better, pains in life get half, and moreover the power to live and do your best increases at a faster rate.

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