Benefits of Chanting Shodashi Mantra

When the Devi (the Goddess) is worshipped in Shreecharka, it is said to be the highest form of worship of the goddess. There are 64 Charkas that Lord Shiva gave to the humans, along with different Mantras and Tantras. These were given so that the humans could focus on attaining spiritual benefits. They were also blessings to gain materialistic blessings from different Gods and Goddesses. For his consort Goddess, he enlightened humans with the Shreechakra and in order to activate it, one has to chant the Shodashakshari Mantra, which is also known as the Shodashi mantra. It is said to be equal to all the 64 Chakras put together, along with their Mantras.

Shodashi Mantra

There are hundreds of benefits of chanting the Shodashi Mantra, out of which the most important ones are mentioned below:

  1. The Shodashi Mantra is not an ordinary Mantra; it is said to be one of the most important Mantras in the scriptures. It is created by Lord Shiva and thus, when you chant it, you feel closer to Shiva and Shakti.
  2. The Shodashi Mantra grants both, spiritual as well as material, benefits to the one who chants it.
  3. If the Shodashi Mantra is chanted with a clear conscience and a determined intention, it can make any wish come true for you.
  4. The Shodashi Mantra is a 28 letter Mantra and thus, it is one of the simplest and easiest Mantras for you to recite, remember and chant.
  5. The Shodashi Mantra is a major part of Tantra Vidya and thus, if you want to get into this Vidya or knowledge, you have got to learn the Shodashi Mantra.


Hreem Ka Ae Ee La Mahaasiddhim Om Phat ||

ह्रीं का ऐ ई ला महासिद्धिंम ॐ फट ||

Shodashi Mantra


Step 1: Take a bath and wear yellow clothes.

Step 2: Get a picture of Mahavidya Shodashi and place some flowers in front of her. Offer incense sticks to her by lighting the same in front of her picture.

Step 3: Light a ghee lamp (Diya) in front of the picture.

Step 4: Now chant 11 rosaries (Jaap Maala) of the Mantra.

Step 5: Repeat the above process every day for 11 days and note the changes in your life.

If you are chanting the Mantra for a specific intention, write down the intention and meditate on it five minutes before beginning with the Mantra chanting and five minutes after the Mantra chanting. After 11 rosaries on the first day of beginning with the Mantra, you can bring down the chanting to one rosary per day and chant 11 rosaries on the 11th day, on the last day of your chanting.

There are two major things that you must know before you begin with this Mantra:

  1. The Shreechakra Yantra promotes the benefits of this Mantra. It is not compulsory to meditate in front of this Yantra, but if you can buy and use it during meditation, it will give amazing benefits to you. Shreechakra Yantra
  2. This Mantra cannot be used to destroy someone. It is to ascend yourself and not descend others.


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