5 Powerful Mantras For Good Health Of Child

Even if your child is fully well, there are times when he goes through certain health-related issues without any reason at all. These are the times when you are usually worried about the negative energy impacting his pure soul. During such times, you need to ensure that you protect him and his health as well.

If your child is going through health-related issues and you want to protect him with all your heart, here are some Hindu mantras from Lal Kitab remedies that can really help if you chant them thoroughly with your motherly energy:

1. Child Protection Mantra

Child Protection Mantra

In order to chant this mantra for full protection of your child, hold a little bit of water in your hand, recite the mantra for around 101 times and apply it on the forehead of your child; you have to do it just like you put a Tilak on your child’s forehead.

2. The OM Mantra

The OM Mantra

The most powerful mantra is the OM Mantra. The beauty of this mantra is that it can easily be chanted by your child only. The impact of this mantra is paramount, and hence it maintains the good growth of your child. Meditate along with the video and attract positive energies for your child:

3. Brihaspati Mantra for Child’s Health

Brihaspati Mantra for Child’s Health

When you chant this mantra, you are actually praying to Brihaspati God, who is said to be the God of Thursdays. If you can chant this mantra 21 times specifically on Thursdays, it would bring positive energy and healing powers to your children and keep them away from minor illnesses by fighting with negative energies.

4. Shiv Mantra

Shiv Mantra

This mantra has five sounds (na, ma, Shi, va, ya) which represent the five elements water, earth, fire, air, space. All these five sounds thus activate five different chakras in our body while the sixth Ajna chakra is activated by OM. Chant this mantra regularly and pray to Lord Shiva for the well-being of your child. Do meditation and chant the mantra along with the video:

5. Prayer to Maharishi Vashishtha for Child Protection and Health

Maharishi Vashishtha for Child Protection and Health

Maharishi Vashishtha is a Holy Spirit that’s omnipresent. A lot of people have faith in his spirit since it is pure and beautiful. If you can practice Pranayama before chanting this mantra, well and good! When you practice breathing exercises, you get aligned with positive energy. Chant this mantra for 21 times after the breathing practice.

It is time for you to start chanting the above mantras and protect your children from ill health. You have to believe in all the chanting that you do so that the energy that you send and the prayer that you do are accepted. None of the mantras can ever work if you don’t do them with your heart or if you don’t believe in them. Having faith in each and every word of the mantra is very essential or else the chanting usually doesn’t work at all.


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