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Not everybody knows why Pari Sadhana is done. In fact, if a fake Tantric claims to do the Sadhana for you, we would suggest you not to get fooled by him. Firstly, there are different kinds of Pari living peacefully in the heaven, which is the kingdom of Lord Indra. It is important for you to understand which Pari you need to attract to get your work done. Whether you want Jinn Pari or Neel Pari, you just have to be sure about what she can do for you and how you can gain materialistic and spiritual benefits out of the same.

Pari Sadhana

Secondly, you need to do this Sadhana on your own so that the Pari knows what exactly the wish of your heart is and how she can fulfill the same. There are various wishes you may have in your heart; ensure to ask for only one wish at a time so that you can put more energy into just one thing. That’s how Pari Sadhana works. Once you get one thing, or you achieve a specific wish, then you can do the Sadhana again for another wish… and then another one!


There are various nymphs and these beautiful angels are not visible to our naked eyes. They are there around us, but not next to us. In order to control them and gain energy as well as powers from them, we have to invoke them right in front of us. That’s Pari Sadhana.


  1. Pari Sadhana has the power to make anyone beautiful. It is not that your face is going to change, but by doing this Sadhana, you can bring attraction to your face.
  2. Pari Sadhana has the power to give you eternal youth. It does not matter if you are 24 right now or 60, you can do this Sadhana anytime to gain eternal youth and beauty.
  3. Pari Sadhana has the power to invoke passion in your life. If you are a passionate person and you want to find someone equally passionate, you can do Pari Sadhana.


  1. If a woman wishes to acquire utmost beauty for herself, Pari Sadhana is what needs to be done.
  2. Pari generates the feelings of love in the heart of an individual. Whether it is self-love or you want a specific person to fall in love with you, Pari Sadhana can surely help.


Om Urvashi Priya Vashan Kari Hun ||


  1. Remember the most important thing before you begin with the Sadhana – you are not supposed to tell anyone what you are doing and why you are doing the same, unless you have a Guru and you are doing this Sadhana under his or her guidance.
  2. Find a quiet place where no one is going to disturb you for at least an hour’s time. You need peace in order to do this Sadhana.
  3. Find the North direction and face the same. You have to do this Sadhana in the lotus position.
  4. Before you sit, ensure to take a bath properly. Wear clean and nice clothes and sprinkle a little bit of your favorite perfume. This would attract the Pari to you. Also, if you are a woman doing this Sadhana, you feel great when you are well-dressed and thus, invoking the Pari is not very challenging.
  5. Do this Sadhana on a Friday night only and that too before you go to bed. However, you should be undisturbed or else you’ll have to begin the Sadhana all over again.
  6. Now chant the Mantra for 51 rounds of the Jaapa Maala and go to sleep. Ensure to sleep alone in the bed.

Things to Remember:

  1. If possible, you can make a Yellow Colored Asana on which you can sit while chanting the Mantra; if you know how to make an Urvashi Yantra, do it and offer five roses to the same. If you have no idea about how to make these things, it is completely okay. Get five roses and place them in front of you, imagining Urvashi as a beautiful Nymph or Apsara or Pari sitting in front of you, waiting for you to impress her with your Sadhana skills.
  2. If you create the Yantra, place Agarbatti (incense sticks) before you begin chanting the Mantra. If you are surrounded by beautiful fragrances, invoking a nymph is not a big deal. Please note that all the nymphs are highly attracted to beautiful fragrances. Also, strong fragrances make you feel great from within. They boost your power and increase your focus on your Sadhana all the very more.
  3. Whether you are making the Yantra or not, ensure to place a Ghee Diya in front of you so that you have light before you catch hold of the Apsara from the darkness of the Universe. The diya should remain lit during the entire Sadhana.
  4. If you can, meditate on your Root Chakra for at least 15 minutes before you begin with the Sadhana. Root Chakra keeps you grounded and that’s required when you want to invoke a Fairy and take her blessings to achieve what you truly want.
  5. Most of the females do Pari Sadhana to get the beauty that they desire. Most of the men do Pari Sadhana to invoke love in the heart of the woman they desire. No matter what gender you belong to and what intention you have to do Pari Sadhana, ensure to have a clean heart and do it for the right purpose.

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