Things to Learn About Apsara Sadhana

Apsara means Fairy or Nymphs. There are a lot of fairies in the other world and if you do Siddhis to make one of them do something to improve your life, you can achieve a lot more than you can ever imagine. From materialistic goals to spiritual progress, an Apsara can surely help you in your journey. It is just that you should know how to do the Siddhi, what all things need to be taken care of and how to not take the Apsara Sadhana for granted.

Apsara Sadhana

Apsara Sadhana:

If you think it is easy to lure an Apsara, you have no idea how many efforts you are expected to take to do the same. She is not some prey that’s going to fall into your trap. Also, it is not the regular meditation or any ordinary Sadhana that you do in your temple room.

However, with full determination, dedication, pure intentions and for the betterment of your life, you can surely do Apsara Sadhana and invoke an Apsara to work for you.

Before we tell you how to do the Apsara Sadhana, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Points to Remember:

  1. An Apsara can be bound to work for you for not more than five years. After five years, she does not listen to your commands. Then, you can perform the Apsara Sadhana again to invoke another Apsara to perform tasks for you.
  2. An Apsara Sadhana can be done for the purpose of manifestation. You can manifest your heart’s desire with the help of this Sadhana; however, you need to be loyal, dedicated and determined to the entire Sadhana.
  3. The effect of Apsara Sadhana can be negative if you take the Apsara for granted. Even though she works for you, she does not turn into your servant. Remember where she belongs – she is from the world of enchantment and thus, is far beyond your reach. If she performs tasks for you, it is only because she is impressed with your dedication.
  4. Sometimes, evil spirits disguise as Apsaras and come in front of you to make you feel the Sadhana is completed; one must not leave the Sadhana incomplete thinking the work is done already. Wait until the Sadhana is full and then trust the Apsara who is under you.
  5. Do not take Apsara Sadhana lightly; it is quite a major one and thus, is not known to everyone.
  6. Apsara Sadhana should not be done with an evil intention in mind.
  7. You can wear any kind of clothes or colors while performing Apsara Sadhana. There are no restrictions in terms of clothing.
  8. It is important for you to be clean before performing the Sadhana. Therefore, take a bath with rock salt water (add a handful of rocksalt into the bucket of water and then take a bath) so that you are not only externally cleaned, but internally cleansed as well.
  9. You have to stay awake at night (from 9pm to 5am) to perform this Sadhana and do it fearlessly. Therefore, sit in a room where you feel safe, protected and remain undisturbed.
  10. This Sadhana needs to be performed for 11 days in a row; if you break the Sadhana for even a single day, you have to restart it right from the beginning.
  11. If you can begin performing this Sadhana on a Friday night, it would bring better energies to your life.
  12. It is important for you to stay vegetarian and consume a vegetarian diet for 11 days of Apsara Sadhana. It keeps you internally cleansed.
  13. You have to get a Jaap Mala and perform the Sadhana for 11 rounds of the same.
  14. If you do not feel content after 11 days of this Sadhana, you can extend it for 3 more days and do it for 14 days.
  15. You may hear certain sounds when you are performing this Sadhana. It is important for you to not get distracted and continue with the Sadhana with a clear mind and clean conscience.
  16. NEVER… we repeat… NEVER use an Apsara Sadhana for a negative motive towards someone.


  1. Apsara Sadhana is said to be one of the simplest Sadhanas a Sadhak can ever perform. If your intention is clear and right, nothing can be a trouble in this Sadhana.
  2. Apsara Sadhana can help you in manifesting your heart’s desire. However, it should not affect someone else’s life.
  3. Apsara Sadhana can be completed in 11 days and thus, it is a very small Sadhana a Sadhak can perform.
  4. Apsara Sadhana makes you believe in wonders and miracles of life.
  5. Apsara Sadhana can be your first step towards completing various Sadhanas.


Om Hreem Aem Apsara Pratyaksh Aagach Aagach Hreem Aem Namah ||

ॐ ह्रीं ऐम अप्सरा प्रत्यक्ष आगछ आगछ ह्रीं ऐम नमः ||

Apsara Sadhana


  1. Sit in a quiet room between 9pm to 5am and place 11 red roses in front of you as an offering to the Apsara.
  2. Now take your Jaap Mala and chant the mentioned Mantra for 11 rounds of the same (108 X 11).
  3. Ensure to pronounce every single word in the correct manner.
  4. Repeat the above mentioned process for 11 days. Make sure the roses are fresh and new for every day’s ritual.

After 11 days of Sadhana, immerse all the roses in a lake or any large water body.


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