Chinnamasta Mantra: Power, Benefits and Procedure

Out of the Ten Mahavidyas that are needed to be a powerful Tantric, Chinnamasta Devi is one of the most praised ones. Whether you are a Sadhak who has just started his journey or are a beginner Tantric already, it is important for you to learn about this Mata and her Mantra in order to raise your levels and attain maximum Siddhis. There are so many Sadhanas and Siddhis that one can attain that it is almost impossible for someone to know everything.

Chinnamasta Devi

However, there are Aghoris and even normal-looking Tantra practitioners who dive into the wide and endless ocean of Tantra and practice a lot to gain what they truly desire. Mind you – their needs are not materialistic. Also, a real Tantric would never talk about the things he can do, unless you approach him for a specific reason and with a specific problem.

Story of Chinnamasta Devi:

In the Goddess-centric tradition of Hindi culture and religion, Chinnamasta Devi holds a very important place. Her name literally means “the one with the severed head” and her consort is Shiva’s avatar called “Chinnamastaka.”

There are various stories related to Chinnamasta Devi, but the most prominent one states that when Goddess Parvati was taking a bath, there were two attendants next to her. Their names were Jaya and Vijaya. When they persistently talked about how hungry they were, Goddess Parvati cut off her head. Out of her headless being, three showers of blood poured out. One got into the mouth of Jaya, the other went into the mouth of Vijaya and the third went to the mouth of Goddess Parvati herself. Since then, she started being called as “Chinnamasta Devi.”

In other version of the story, the Goddess is standing with her attendants Dakini and Varnini and under her feet are Kama Dev and Rati Devi, having sex. This symbolizes how essential it is for an individual to control their sexual urges during the awakening of Kundalini. No – masturbation and sex are not bad or taboos, but the higher your sexual desire is, the easier it is for Shakti to rise and mate with the Shiva in your spine.

Chinnamasta Devi is depicted as a 16 year old girl with a fully awakened Kundalini. Her breasts are covered with a beautiful garland.


  1. Chinnamasta Devi’s Mantra is as powerful as her picture and depiction. It has the power to destroy all negativity from your life.
  2. Chinnamasta Devi’s Mantra give you progress, especially if you have a business in the fields of alcohol, rubber, electrical appliances, refined petrol, etc.
  3. Chinnamasta Devi’s Mantra is very progressive for surgeons and doctors. If you are in the field of medicines, chant this Mantra in order to get the progress you not only deserve, but also desire.
  4. With the power of Chinnamasta Devi, you become one of the best healers. If you are into spiritual healing, chanting Chinnamasta Devi can attract people to your soul and help you gain more clients to heal.


  1. This Devi is known to take care of all the obstacles that you have been facing. Chanting her mantra removes obstacles.
  2. If you are an aspiring Tantric, doing Chinnamasta Devi’s Sadhana and chanting her Mantra is very much needed. You can never be an advanced Tantra practitioner, unless you chant this Devi’s Mantra and do her Sadhana. She has tremendous powers to bless you, and the people you want to work for, with amazing magical powers.
  3. Chinnamasta Devi Mantra helps in controlling sexual urges, which can be quite disturbing in the midst of awakening Shakti or Kundalini. It is important for you to have a control on such urges when you are awakening your Kundalini. However, the most difficult thing is that during the process, as and when Shakti starts moving from your Root Chakra, you feel terribly sexual. This is when you need to control yourself. Yet, the more you control, the easier it is for you to lose it. But with the help of Chinnamasta Devi, you can control your urges and focus on raising your Kundalini Shakti in a much easier way.
  4. If you are a spiritual person, chanting Chinnamasta Devi’s Mantra can help you achieve enlightenment. You notice a lot of changes happening in your life when you chant the Mantra mentioned in this article.
  5. If you want to get rid of some sort of a competition, this is the Mantra that can help. The competition eradicates and it is easier for you to get the attention that, otherwise, your competitors get.


Om Hum Chinnamastayai Namo Namaha ||


  1. Take a bath and sit in a quiet room. If you can, add a handful of rock salt into the bucket of water and take a bath with the same. This would cleanse your aura and make you purer before you begin with the chanting of the Mantra.
  2. Place a picture of Goddess Chinnamasta. If you have a Yantra of this Devi, place it in front of you.
  3. Ensure to keep the pronunciation right while chanting the Mantra.
  4. You have to chant the mentioned Mantra for at least 108 times a day and for 11 days in a row. It is important for you to focus on the picture of the Devi while chanting the Mantra. Never stop even for a day while chanting the Mantra.


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