5 Mantras for All Problems

In today’s world, every single individual suffers from several kinds of problems and issues that act as a hindrance to success. Such problems include health issues, business problems, relationship problems, married life problems, career issues, etc. Though every problem has its solution, sometimes reciting the powerful mantras can help you to minimize the effects of these problems and can even help to eradicate them from your life. It is believed that reciting the mantras help in creating a powerful aura around the body that protects them from all sorts of negativity. These mantras help to defeat and overcome all the pains and suffering of life and help to live a peaceful and blissful life. In this article, we have explained several mantras that will help you to overcome your different problems. Let’s read further to know the details.

5 Mantras for All Problems

1. Ganesha Mantra

In the Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha aka Vinayaka, Ganapati, Vakratunda, etc. is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is known as the “God of removing obstacles” and is often worshiped before the beginning of any important or auspicious event or journey to seek his blessings. People consider him the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, loyalty, success, prosperity, growth, and good luck. It is believed that praying to Lord Ganesha before the beginning of any event ensures the success of the journey. This is one of the most powerful mantras of Lord Ganesha which is recited to remove all sorts of problems of your life. It gives positive energy to the reciter to concentrate on the goals of life. This mantra should be recited 108 times in front of a Ganesha idol by lighting a ghee lamp, incense stick, and offering fresh and delicious sweets to him.

Benefits of Ganesha Mantra

  • A solution to all problems

Since Lord Ganesha is known as the “God of removing obstacles” so reciting this mantra is the solution to your all problems. It releases your mind from all sorts of negative and toxic thoughts which ultimately helps in maintaining calmness and concentration. When your mind becomes calm and you are stress-free, you can take the correct decisions in life. Taking the right decisions at the right time is very important to overcome the issues of life.

  • To bring success in all aspects

Lord Ganesha is worshiped all over the world before the beginning of any auspicious event or celebration for the successful completion of any task. Reciting this mantra ensures that all your important work will be completed without any interruptions and obstacles. It brings all forms of success and good luck to your work.

  • Increases the knowledge

Lord Ganesha is known as the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, growth, and good luck. Reciting this mantra helps to increases the knowledge that ensures success in different spheres of life.


Ganesha Mantra

ॐ गं गणपतये नमः ||”

In English,

Om Gan Ganpataye Namah”

2. Shiva Gayatri Mantra

Lord Shiva is the most famous and important God in Hindu mythology who is said to create, protect, and transform this universe. He is an important member of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism. This is one of the most powerful mantras of Lord Shiva that helps to clean your body from all sorts of negative vibes. Whether you are suffering because of a failure, feeling depressed, exhausted, suffering from any health issue, the problem of low concentration, etc. then this mantra is for you to overcome all such issues. This mantra helps to get rid of all sorts of problems in your life by awakening your mind and soul. This mantra should be chanted 108 times a day for 21 or 48 days to get the maximum results.

Benefits of Shiva Gayatri Mantra

  • Get rid of all problems

People from all over the world worship Lord Shiva to seek his blessings and it is believed that Lord Shiva gets pleased very easily with the pure intentions of his devotees. This mantra of Lord Shiva helps to win over several problems of life, but it must be recited with full devotion and dedication.

  • Overcome bad influence of the planets

Many people face several difficulties in life due to the bad influence of the planets in their horoscopes. It is believed that reciting this mantra helps to overcome the bad influences of the planets and make them in the favour of the reciter. It also brings positivity and peace to your life.

  • Awakens and illuminates the mind

Lord Shiva is believed to help his devotees to overcome the phases of stress and depression. Reciting the mantras of Lord Shiva helps to clean your both mind and soul which ultimately helps to grow and progress. Your mind becomes free of unwanted toxic thoughts and your start attracting all the positive things in life. It helps to follow the path of spirituality that awakens and illuminates the mind.