These 3 Vishnu Mantras Will Bring Positivity into your Life

Lord Vishnu has always been associated with Karma. The basic principle of Karma is that you get what you give out to the Universe. Here, Universe means the whole world and all the beings in it. If you do “good” to others and have been good to them, you are going to get good in return. On the other hand, if you do “bad” to others or hurt them knowingly, you get your Karma back by going through a similar, or worse, situation. Most of the times Karma comes as epiphany, when you know you are going through a hard time because you had put sometime in a similar situation in the past. This is when you need to invoke Vishnu to pass through this phase quickly and ask for forgiveness for your bad deeds.

Lord Vishnu

There are different Vishnu Mantras available for you to chant for different purposes, but if you are not at peace and you don’t attract positive energies to yourself, it is not possible for you to attract your goals and attain success. Thus, we are here with the top three powerful Vishnu Mantras that promise to bring positivity to your life. However, before we introduce these Mantras to you, let’s see the benefits of chanting them:


  • Chanting Vishnu Mantras bring peace to you. If you have been unable to sleep, you can chant Vishnu Mantras trying to sleep as well. They promise a goodnight sleep to you, along with good dreams.
  • If you have been seeing symptoms of being surrounded by evil energies or spells, Vishnu Mantras can be chanted to get rid of them as well, since they bring a lot of positive vibrations when chanted.
  • Sometimes, there is a need to protect ourselves. This is when you have to count on Vishnu Mantras to create and surround yourself with a shield.
  • Vishnu Mantras can be chanted to get rid of bad Karma as well. If you are in the phase of self-realization or “Pashchataap”, Vishnu Mantras can surely put you to peace.
  • You can chant Vishnu Mantras for the improvement of your, or a loved one’s, health.


1. Simple Vishnu Mantra:

“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ||”

2. Easy Vishnu Mantra:

“Om Namo Narayana ||”

3. Om Shri Anantaha Mantra:

“Om Om Om

Om Shri Anantaha Narayanaha

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu

Mangalam Garud Dhwaja

Mangalam Pundri Kakshu

Mangalayae Tanu Hari ||”

Please note that every single Mantra needs to be chanted for at least 108 times for 11 days. Do not break the chain of chanting for 11 days. If you are unable to chant any day and the cycle of 11 days is not completed, begin from day 1 again. 11 is a very powerful number.

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