Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) Benefits & Steps


This is a popular asana which is symbolizing the snake when it has its hood raised. This asana forms part of the various yoga postures in the Padma Sadhana and the Surya Namaskar. The word ‘Bhujang’ literally means Snake or the Cobra. Asana means Posture. Yoga has been commended and encouraged by experts all over the world as an alternative to medicines to live a healthy and active life. Since it has its roots in Indian culture, much of the symbolism reflects the Indian faith and cultural practices that have given birth to Yoga as a powerful practice to control our mind and body and set it free from any kind of illness, sickness, or negativity. Bhujangasana is a back-bending posture. It takes a long time to master and get it perfect as the person needs to follow the rules appropriately without any alterations.

I have personally noticed health benefits as a result of practicing this asana and encourage others to do it regularly so that they can reap the benefits too. Also, this asana is popular among people as it is easy and can be done at one’s convenience. In Yoga, every asana has a specific set of benefits for the human body and mind. Let us try to understand the benefits that Bhujangasana provides us.


Benefits of practicing Bhujangasana: 

  • It helps in the process of opening up both the shoulder and the neck.
  • It assists in toning the abdomen and making it strong.
  • It helps in strengthening the entire back portion of the body and also the shoulders.
  • It aids in improving the flexibility of the upper and the middle back of the body.
  • It improves blood circulation in the body.
  • It helps in the reduction of fatigue and stress leading to strong positive impacts on mental health.
  • It aids the expansion of the chest.
  • It is meant to be good for people who have the problem of asthma. (Please note that this asana is not to be performed when the person is having an asthma attack)
  • It helps in making the buttocks firm and strong.
  • It is mentioned in various books that describe the Bhujangasana, that by increasing the heat inside the body it destroys any form of the disease in the body and helps in awakening the kundalini which is a power, said to be at the base of the spine.

Who should avoid?

  • For those with injuries in the wrist, the spinal cord or the hip should avoid this asana as it may worsen the already prevailing condition of the person. The reason is that the asana puts a lot of stress on these regions of the body and if these parts of the body are weak, it may harm the body.
  • For those who have recently undergone any kind of surgery of the upper part of the body. You must wait till you are completely cured from the surgery. It is advisable to get a confirmation from a medical expert.
  • For those women who are pregnant, it is suggested that you do not attempt practicing the Bhujangasana since it will affect your health as well as that of the baby you are carrying inside you.
  • This asana is prohibited for those who have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as you have a weak nervous system which leads to numbness and tingling in the hand.
  • If there are medical conditions wherein you have inflammation of the abdomen, ulcer, headache, menstruation, intestinal tuberculosis, heart issues you must avoid doing Bhujangasana.


Before you wish to practice Bhujangasana please make sure that you have your stomach and the bowel empty. It is advised to have your meals at least about five hours before practicing the asana. It will give enough time to have all the food in the belly digested so that when you are going to practice the asana you have an empty stomach.

The best time to practice the Bhujangasana is the early morning time. But if you cannot make time in the morning due to your prevailing situation which may keep you busy in the morning, you can consider doing it in the