Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose) Benefits & Steps


Asanas benefit the body in various ways. They are known to cure diseases and disabilities and have a profound effect on the human body and the mind.

One such Asana is the Marjariasana.

The Marjariasana is an asana where you depict the posture of a cat. Hence the name, Marjari: Cat and Asana: Posture.

Benefits of Marjariasana

The physical benefits of Marjariasana are many, some of which are:

  • The spine is being stretched in Marjariasana. This benefits the spine and makes it flexible and strengthens the muscles around the spinal region.
  • The weight of the front portion of the body is entirely on the wrists. This improves the strength of the wrists.
  • Along with the wrist, the forearms get a workout.
  • The inward and the outward arch prove to be beneficial for the shoulder.
  • While you stretch the chin up and down, the neck muscle group is also getting positively affected.
  • While you are in the chin-up position there is pressure on the hips and the buttocks. This tones the buttocks
  • While in the chin down position, there is an effect on the abdomen. This tones the abdomen

There are a few psychological benefits that arise out of Marjariasana:

  • It improves the digestion and also the circulation of blood
  • Every yoga posture is designed in such a way that there is a release of stress. Marjariasana is no different.
  • Relaxes the mind and eases anxiety
  • The Central Nervous System is calmed.

Who should avoid?

  • Pregnant women are advised not to perform this asana
  • Anybody with an injury in the neck, knee, or wrist are advised to stay away.
  • This asana has a profound effect on the neck region and hence one needs to be careful while doing so. If you think that you would need a consultation with your doctor before commencing this asana, please do so.

Stepwise Guide: How to do Marjariasana

Let us have a quick look at how you can perform the Marjariasana.

Step 1: Start from the position where you are on all fours. The back should be straight. This is called the table position.

Step 2: Keep the hands straight beneath the shoulder. The palms should be placed flat on the floor.

Step 3: Now look straight ahead.

Step 4: Now slowly raise your chin. Exhale while you do it. While you raise the chin, there would be an arch formation on the back. This is called an inward arch. Hold that cat position for 4 breaths.

Step 5: From the chin-up position, slowly bring your chin towards the chest. While you do so an outward arch of your back will form. Exhale while you do it.

Step 6: Tuck in your stomach while you are in a chin-in position. Stay there for 4 breaths.

Step 7: Back to the tabletop position.

The essence of yoga lies in the manner it heals the body whilst strengthening it as well as calming the mind. Marjariasana or the cat pose does that with ease. It is an easy routine and hence can be performed by beginners.


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