9 Types of Yoga Therapies & Their Health Benefits

Types Of Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an evolving form of yoga involving integrative therapies using the holistic insurance of yoga carrying out various postures for healing ailments such as arthritis, back pain, depression, stress, anxiety, addiction and musculoskeletal issues.

Yoga therapy is a process of empowering individuals towards improved health and well being through the philosophy of meditation and yoga.

1. Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is popularly known as Bikram Yoga. Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is a form of yoga which comprises of 26 postures. What makes it unique is that you practice this yoga in a heated and humid room to allow your muscles to stretch to its maximum and you have to follow the instructions of the instructor as the instructor doesn’t demonstrate their moves. It provides maximum stretch to the ligaments and tendons, increases oxygen supply, relieves stress, tones your muscles, reduces back pain and rejuvenates your body.

2. Kripalu Yoga Therapy

Kripalu Yoga Therapy

Kripalu Yoga therapy is an interrogative form of yoga therapy which involves active and critical thinking. It creates a sense of self-awareness, promotes personal development, teaches you to reason every action of yours, helps you to acknowledge your capabilities and take your own decisions by being independent, allows you to feel the connection between your body and the supreme power of the universe.

3. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Pheonix Yoga Therapy does not deal with curing a particular type of ailment. Instead, it takes into account what the clients need, i.e., whether he wants to work on mental stability or physical fitness. In Pheonix Yoga Therapy instructor focus on assisted yoga poses, body psychology, breathing techniques and proper body mechanics. It helps you in stress management, healing trauma, overcoming relationship issues, dealing with menopause, cancer healing and aging.

4. Anusara Yoga Therapy

Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga means “going with the flow.” It is a type of yoga therapy which gives importance to the principle of universal alignment. Anusara Yoga comprises about 250 asanas, though they all cannot be practiced religiously daily. Anusara Yoga Therapy is a complete blend of breathing, postures, and wisdom. After you perform this yoga, you will feel energized and more relaxed. It is great for your lungs, increases flexibility, improves physical strength and mental stability.

5. Kundalini Therapy

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Therapy is a yoga form which not only strengthens muscles and maintains physique but also acts as a third eye opener to re-engineer one’s inner self. During awakening of kundalini, various signs such as tingling, tremors, shaking, uncontrolled jerks, buzzing sensation, etc. may take place. This therapy helps you to heal from any chronic disease and helps you to experience ultimate bliss, feeling of immense love.

6. Tantra Therapy

Tantric Therapy

Tantra Therapy deals with the stress, depression, broken relationships, guilt, anxiety, and shame because of not able being able to achieve the pleasure of love and intimacy. These problems are faced by men and women where they lose their interest in intimacy due to sexual abuse or because they don’t know how to do it. Tantric Therapy helps you to satisfy you and your partner and enjoy the pleasure closeness. Tantra massage stimulates the energy in your body which helps you to develop the passion and re-discover magic of romance.

7. Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy

Forest therapy supports healing as nature is the ultimate healer. A walk in the woods, away from technological gadgets, feeling the belongingness of nature by staying in the present moment, helps you to relieve stress, worries, tension and boosts well being. It declutters negative thoughts from your mind and promotes realistic and positive thoughts. It increases the level of awareness, inner balance, and wholeness.

8. Structural Yoga Therapy 

Structural Yoga Therapy

Structural Yoga Therapy deals with knowing the overall health of the client, his ailments, lifestyle, and personality. Thus, providing a complete 8 limbed package of yoga postures for reducing stress, emotional breakdown, and client’s reformation. With practice and patience, one can overcome pain which helps you to lead a balanced, healthy and stressfree life.

9. Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a process of healing by creating good health by practicing yoga postures in combination with meditation process to cure chronic ailments such as back pain, sleeping disorder, excessive stress, going through a life change, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or body image issues. Integrated Yoga Therapy will make you experience refreshed and relaxed.

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